20 July 2008

moving on...

orum just got into loyola law school...YEAH!

he was in new orleans for the enitre month of june attending an admissions program, and all his hard work paid off. he was in the top 10 percent of his class and made it in for fall, so we're moving in 2 weeks.
the kids are excited to move, well renee is and elijah just follows her lead. she only has a few requests 1.that we live in a pink house--suprisingly, there are plenty of those 2. we go to the aquarium and 3. go to the zoo. i'm sure we can handle the last two with no problems, but we're not quite sure about the first one!

15 July 2008

we're back...

well, we were last week...following my pattern of late-i'm posting events a few days delayed.

we took another little trip down to the beach, courtesy of melanie again, and had some more fun in the sun! i was so excieted to go again because the kids were asking almost daily to go back! they play "beach" at least every other day. they get dressed up in their swimsuits and go swim in the ocean--our bed is the water and the pillows are the sand! their imaginations have really kicked in! it just so happens that elijah's power wheels jeep is usually parked in front of the fireplace in our bedroom. so they drive their in his ride. it's funny to hear...they play the "are we there yet" game between the two of them...after several "no, we're not there yets" they finally arrive, which is interesting since they actually don't do that on our road trips, but it sure is cute to hear!

when we arrived the kids acted as if they were veterans (this was only their second trip to the beach ever). they went right to work when they hit the sand--they collected sea shells, dug a sand pool (with a little help from daddy--even though they were frequently working against him), and even ventured out to the sandbar! it was nice to actually get in the water this time around! they even got really brave in the pool--especially elijah! he previously, didn't like the feeling of floating in the water and hung out on the stairs the last trip, but after an hour was jumping right in with only his little wings on his arms. he really wanted to "swim like renee" so he just decided he could do it!

and the best news, at least for renee, baby cinderella was rescued! can you believe that she had been hanging out under the palm tree since we left in may!? i guess she knew we were coming--and even better luck, we found her the day before her birthday! who knew!? and since she is obsesed with birthday parties, we had one for her. she supposedly turned 2...hmmm? renee was ecstatic! she carried that baby around the entire trip! although somehow she didn't make a single shot, but she swam in the ocean, dug in the sand, and swam in the pool too. our family is complete again! too bad i couldn't get a good picture of them together looking at the camera...oh well, better luck next time.
oh, i almost forgot...we did manage to loose something else at the beach...the "pa-pa" YEAH! fingers crossed that elijah doesn't end up with coxsacie or a cast within the next few weeks since that's how he got it back the first 2 times we took it away! he still misses it, but is handling it well. he asks for it everytime he gets upset or is very sleepy--he's 2 he can survive!