22 September 2011

little girls...

are especially sweet {and silly} in the mornings!

20 September 2011

baby elle!

I have another niece, and the exciting part was that her mother (my sister-in-law) spent the summer in Monroe, and she was born here! It was so fun, to just have them minutes from my house. I went to Kentucky, when her sister was born.

 Elizabeth Diane Young
19 September 2011

 Nothing like a newborn baby to make your small 5 month old seem like the jolly green giant! :)

09 September 2011

2nd grade!

Her first class project was to make a poster--"all about me!"

If her mom would have read the instructions, then it would have been the right size. It should have been 1/4 of a poster board, not 1/2. oops!

07 September 2011

little ballerina!

Being in Monroe again, means that she gets to be in REAL dancing again--and she is thrilled!! We tried a few studios in New Orleans, but they just weren't the same. No where could be! Now she's at the studio that I danced at--and my mom. Yep. She's third generation! How crazy is that!? They love my girls, and I love them!!

03 September 2011

on your mark...

Elijah decided to run cross country this year. I was shocked that Kindergarteners could eve run! We asked him if he wanted to run a for a long time, and he said, "Yes!" 

 When we asked Renée, her reply was "How far?" She did not do it!

The poor little boy had no idea what he was in for. This was before his first race. He had not been to practice yet. The course was a mile--lots of hills! He did not stop. 

 His group is k-2nd grade. He wasn't last, but nearly. The craziest thing was that he said he wanted to do it again, and he did! He finished the season. I can't say that I would have!