27 April 2011

the eggs!

How do you get fingers like these? Dying easter eggs, of course!
I had forgotten how much Elijah LOVED dying eggs last year. He loved it more this year...if that's even possible! He could not get the eggs in the dye fast enough, and he was quite proud of his results.

Renée, as you can imagine, took her time. She made a few hot pink ones--which meant long dye baths and then finger painted a few more for a tie-dyed look.

The finishing touch? GOLD sponge paint!
I was just happy that Orum was home that day and took the initiative to do the eggs! I wasn't up for it, but the kids were NOT going to let us "forget" about it!
And here they are in all their golden glory.

{Hazel napped through it all...maybe next year little girl:)}

26 April 2011

egg hunt 2011

On Saturday, we took the kids to hunt eggs at the Garden Gates--it's a store/plant nursery. They had 20,000 eggs hidden in their plants. The kids thought it was awesome...they actually got to hunt and fill up their baskets. As opposed to getting a few like at the school hunts. They were also gated in...which I appreciated! A view in the back...Renée was one of the last kids that stopped hunting. The others were having cupcakes or playing, but she was still hunting away!

No one could look at the camera. They had to use every second to look for MORE eggs.

Hazel loved this thing...I have no idea what it actually is used for.

Renée found her friend, Devron, from school.

And, of course, we ATTEMPTED to get a picture of all the kids...

Pretty close to everyone looking. I guess the fact that William's hat is over his sleeping eyes in not a big deal...

23 April 2011

the sweetest bunny lives here...

see more of little william here.

15 April 2011

Hazel sandwich...

I think she will be just fine sandwiched between her two brothers...don't you think!?

14 April 2011

4 babies later...

and I am still not very good at swaddling!

05 April 2011

craziest day ever...

Baby William is here!

4 April 2011

7:25 am

7 lbs 11.8 oz

20 inches

Now for the crazy details...feel free to skip them if you would like.

9am--3 April 2011 I woke up with contractions 10 min apart {no pain/mildly uncomfortable}They lasted all day. I cleaned and nested like crazy.

11pm--3 April 2011 Contractions were suddenly 3 min apart for about 15 minutes...then they stop.

1am--4 April 2011 Contractions start again--10 min apart. I go to bed. Orum freaks out everytime I move...asking me, "How far apart they?" My reply..."I don't know. I'm sleeping."

6am--Contractions are beginning to hurt, and I realize that they are 6-7 min apart.

6:45am--Elijah wakes up. I wake Orum up. He gets in the shower. I load the dishwasher and then start to straighten my hair.

7:00am--I decide that I need to go to the hopsital. Start calling for a babysitter for the little ones. Get Renee's school clothes together.

7:20am--I realize that I am not going to be able to get Renee to school, and that we need to go now.

7:21am-Orum calls Renee's friend around the corner to pick her up.

7:22am--Water breaks. {I usually have an hour or two before the baby is born}

7:23am--The baby is crowning. I yell to Orum to call 911. He yells to me to get in the car. Not happening.

7:24am--He calls 911 and comes in the bathroom.

7:25am--I step into the bathtub. Orum catches the baby. Ties the cord off with his shoelace, as instructed by 911 operator. The kids hear a baby crying, and come running to the bathroom...with looks of shock! Even Hazel has woken up and has climbed out of her crib to see the action.

7:28 am--the EMTs arrive. They hand Orum clamps and a scalpal to finsih the job.

7:35 am--Renee's friend comes to get her for school, as I am being carried out of my house on a stretcher. {We live on a busy corner...they were not the only curious spectators!}

A stop in the ER, then a LD&R room, and finally we are being held hostage on the postpartum floor. We are all doing well, but they wanted to keep the baby an extra day since he was born in a "faily unsterile environment." Whatever. Don't they realize that he was only there for a few minutes, and that I do clean my house!? We are ready to be home agian.

Looking back, I really don't know at what point I would have said "let's go." Maybe 6am? It just seemed so early, and everything happened so fast. Obviously. I always said that it would be bad if my water broke anywhere else other than the hospital. I guess, I was right.