23 February 2012

the krewe of zoo!

The Krewe of Zoo is just as cute as my other favorite krewe...
the krewe of smocks from Sacred Heart

At their new school the Kindergarten kids make floats and dress as animals. An older child pulls them around then gym. Renée and Abby {above} were pullers. 

Elijah was a gator, of course! They went around the gym twice. He told me he wasn't going to throw it all the first time around, but he did. Then he just sat back and tried to hide behind his giant necklace that all the older kids were yelling for! Renée started picking up and throwing stuff that other people dropped.
Maybe if he hadn't tried to win over all the girls with his throws before the parade, he would have had enough...they all wanted that pink crown!
I ran out of glue. I should have gotten more and made the leaves go all the way to the top. It would have been much cooler. Don't worry. I've already started planning the float Hazel will ride in in three years :)

08 February 2012

Renee's Vday party!

This year I decided to let Renée have a Valentine's party for her friends! I have been buying stuff on clearance for years to have a party...it was about time! It was perfect--there are six girls {including her} in her grade. We all walked home from school together and they walked in to this...
pink, red, and hearts...EVERYWHERE!!!

 I even heard Meagan say, "I feel like I'm at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland!" 
{That may have been MY favorite part!}

 Renée and I made this mobile to hang over the table! I love it so much...I think I may have a hard time taking it down!

 They are until their little hearts were content, and then we made fun things--ribbon bracelets, yarn heats, and framed heart art. I have no pictures of the process...they were busy little bees; although, I totally underestimated their energy levels! I assumed that they would all sit around the table the whole time. NOT the case! They raided Elijah's gun stash and ran circles through the house trying to shoot each other! good times.

We had the party on Wednesday. I was so imagining all the girls in their sweet little jumpers {what is it with me and their school jumpers!? I LOVE them!!} but NO. It was Spirit week! They had free dress...at least it wasn't celebrity day or pajama day!
I found this picture on my phone...I think it's safe to say they had fun :)

The invites...Renée has already started planing for next year's party! 

I may be crazy, but I kind of decided that I will let the kids choose a holiday that they can have a party for every year--once they are in a "grade." I guess technically that should have started last year for Renée. Oh, well. Renée has claimed V-day, and I think Elijah is calling Halloween. 

I wonder what's left for the other two???