20 January 2012

family pictures 2011

Because taking family pictures with these silly ones isn't challenging enough, I had to do it at the fair! 

Props to John for getting the cotton candy! 
I think it worked way better than the little candies I had meant to bring for bribes  treats.

LOVE the pictures! LOVE the colors! 
Thank you Lauren :)

19 January 2012

Hazel is 3!

Let's just pretend the previous post wasn't really dated Oct 2011... and that I posting this days after the party not weeks....

Hazel turned three on 12/22. She is currently OBSESSED with Monsters, Inc. and monsters in general. She requested a "pink monster party." She is STILL talking about it, so she must have loved it! :)
{there may or may not have been a little coaxing--the important thing is that she thought it was her idea} 
Being the crazy-party-obsessed mom that I am, I moved all of our real furniture out of the dinning room and filled it with all of the above! Orum was gone that week. I think he was a little shocked. I thought it rocked! I took the curtains down and made my own with crepe paper. That was definitely one of my favorite things!

Of course, William had PLENTY of attention. Ellie Sue is a little obsessed. In fact, on Wednesday afternoons she choses to come to the studio to see him instead of going to see her cousin--her bff! I am not quite sure that the feelings are mutual. Just saying.  

 It didn't take long for the kids to play the parts! I made each child a different monster shirt. There were suckers with monster mouths, and we made monster masks.

 She was sure glad to see her daddy! She had been asking him on the phone all week, "Are you coming to my pink monster birthday party?"

I loved seeing how into it all the kids were! I think 3 is such a magical  age...they were loving all of the eyes!

on the snowballs...

 on the cups...
 on the bowls...

and of course there were party hats...
{Hazel did request the feathers on top}

 My most favorite part of the party...the monster art that Renée created with a Sharpie and watercolors! They are so cute, that I still haven't taken them down!

Happy Birthday Hazel!! 
We <3 you!