26 December 2008

it's a girl!

Hazel Aloysia Young
22 December 2008
5:20 pm
7 lbs 10 oz
20 1/4 inches

She has a VERY proud brother and sister! They LOVE her and have been very sweet to her! I know the pictures aren't great--due to some camera issues...as in dead camera at the hospital(guess i should have checked that) more pictures coming soon...

22 December 2008

14 December 2008

serious spectator...

we decided Saturday night to go see the WM rebels play (my high school--they were there for the high school football playoffs) at the Superdome. Since the kids are always asking to go there, we decided that this was something they might enjoy...and it was definitely much shorter than a Saints game! We found some friends from home and sat on the 4th row...Elijah was serious about watching especially after he got his own football during the 3rd quarter from the cheerleaders...

Renee liked it too, but I think she was more into the spirit groups. she told me she wanted to be one of the "blue people" (the flag girls--i guess the flags looked fun) but i told her she could be either a cheerleader or a dancer...once she saw them perform she aggreed they looked more fun...especially when the cheerleaders started stunting. she then started trying to do her own stunts in the chairs, which didn't workout too well since they fold on your feet!

so our team didn't win...they threw an interception in the last few minutes, but the kids had fun and are already asking to go back! we may have created a larger issue with the dome...

11 December 2008

let it sneaux, let is sneaux, let it sneaux...

Historic day in New Orleans...it SNOWED and stuck for a while! (only an hour too late for the schools to close here...yes they usually get out any day there are flurries or ice! i was in shock my first snow day at BYU...it snowed and i still had to go to class!) i was pulling up to the carpool lane at Renee's school when the rain turned to snow...she was so excited! they let all the little girls go outside and play in it for a while. (I'm sure she was happy i won the battle of the tights this morning! she hates to wear them to school, but her little legs would have been much colder without them!)

Elijah and i enjoyed the view from the window at home. i guess i should have let him go outside and catch one...he did ask, but you know how we Louisianians don't like the cold-especially this one! maybe next time. besides, after the first hour he was asking for it to go away.

i was just glad he was content to look at the snowman the neighbors had made. i certainly wasn't up for that! it did take almost all the snow from their yard to make it...but a snowman still. I'm ready for Saturday...it should be back in the 70s!

09 December 2008

christmas cards...

ok, so i know that i should just keep addresses in some place so that i can find them the next year, but i justify not doing so because lots of us have moved since then...email me you addresses please! breannay@gmail.com and maybe you will get something really cute in the mail!

08 December 2008

we &hearts Christmas pajamas...especially matching ones!

(a shot before they saw the camera...looking at little Christmas books together)

so i tried to post last night, but instead lost 600+ pictures! i guess i will start using the "safely remove hardware" icon. orum says he might be able to restore them with some program, but i guess i will have to wait until finals are over to see. i know that i have some of them on the computer already, but i was planning to make a little book of the 25 days of christmas...so I'm a little sad that i lost the pictures for the first week of December! anyway...a few cute pictures from tonight.

how fun will it be when there are 3 to match?! no baby yet, but hopefully soon! orum is done with finals on friday, so hopefully it will wait a few more days!
renee had the urge to cheer...and elijah is just a follower...

04 December 2008


i can't decide on an infant carseat...any suggestions????