29 July 2009

a princess no more...

a package arrived on monday...it was for elijah! he was one happy little boy to find 3 new dress-up things!! he's been known to wear a princess dress or two, but that is no longer! when he woke up tuesday morning, the first thing he did was organize his outfits. accesibility is important for quick changes...

he LOVES this one! he thinks the bones are hilarious, AND it glows in the dark! what a lucky little boy! :)

27 July 2009

true story...

hi, my name is breanna and i have not changed a poopie diaper in 4 days! not because i'm not around, or because there has been an absence of said substance, but because she is AMAZING!

{disclaimer: i am not crazy! when i think she's about to poop...i put her on the potty and she does her thing. my philosophy has always been one less dirty diaper works for me, and why not sooner than later!?}

26 July 2009

the test worked!

and since it did...i left the apple store with this awesomeness! oh, how i ♥ it so!!!

25 July 2009

this was a test...

22 July 2009

sleeping monkeys...

so, i don't know if monkeys actually sleep in this position, but all of my babies do. for some reason, when their arms are thrown up by their heads, i think they look like baby monkeys! Renee and Elijah have grown out of it, but it's SOOO cute while it lasts...

21 July 2009

busy boy...

yesterday, Elijah got up bright and early to play with this cute boy--Owen! {as in like 7:30 am!} the first thing he said when he woke up, was that he wanted "to get dressed just like Owen." and by just like...he meant just like.
it took some convincing that he did not have the same whale shirt...only the shorts. they had lots of fun playing and eating pop tarts. When he left, nap time was replaced with a trip to whole foods, but not to worry...
he utilized his time in "time out!" Within a few seconds, he was OUT! Time out is usually on the rug by the front door. Yesterday, he put his chair on the rug. He slept through a lot...including someone banging on the door, having his chair moved, and me talking to people outside...he was TIRED!

20 July 2009

can you tell who she plays with?

She REALLY loves Elijah's cars!

19 July 2009

she's got skills....

and one of them happens to be--being cute!

18 July 2009

sitting pretty!

she's been trying to sit for a few days, but always crashed after a few seconds. today, she just decided to be a sitter! we walked down a few houses and borrowed a neighbor's grass. she sat for this entire "shoot." {well, other than the one time she got too interested in the grass...} one day, I'll remember to turn her the other way so the shadows aren't so bad...and being the angel baby that she is, she even wore her hat!

17 July 2009

oh boy!!

so maybe i went a little overboard appliqueing everything, but i LOVE it!!

13 July 2009


Ellie IS 2!!! This may have been my favorite party yet! The theme was nature and the colors were brown, green, orange, and turquoise! SOOO cute! I only made the stuff outside, but I thought the cake and plates were too cute not to share!

you know it's hot and humid outside when your pictures turn out like this! i heard that the heat index was 110!
now onto more cuteness...Melanie got these adorable birdcages, and they had to be filled!!
with cute bubbles and birds!
she also had these adorable rock vases! we were not straying from the theme!
and some paper "lanterns...."
buckets of candy!
and a super cute banner that said "happy 2nd birthday ellie sue"
this was the tree of favors...little owl necklaces that Melanie made, little owl clipies, and more stuffed birdies!
the 2 sisters...in matching dresses of course! Elijah was pretty much "busy" the whole time. there was a bouncer/obstacle course. He was dripping with sweat, but refused to stop and cool off.
The tiny one ended up in the walker and was loving it! she didn't really go anywhere, but I think she liked feeling like she could! Seriously, how cute is that owl!?
He finally came inside, and made himself right at home. He's used to everything princess, so it didn't even phase him to sit on the princess couch!

where have i been?

I've been CLEANING!!! welcome home mommy...this is what i came home to! not quite sure how this all happened in only 5 day...WOW! what a mess!
in case you can't tell...this would be one of the projects i left for them to do with the babysitter while orum was in class. apparently, Elijah spilled the entire bucket of 1200. they only got around to picking about 1/4 of them up.
and there's the happy little culprit.
but they can't be held completely responsible, because as far as i know he can't cook yet!
there wasn't much that wasn't ransacked. i'm still trying to figure out how Renee went through about 20 pair of panties and Elijah only about 6 pair of underwear! and don't worry mess continued through to the bedrooms. this is what i swept up the night i came home...GROSS!
and when that was done...it was time to get ready for a FUN party!!!