13 July 2009

where have i been?

I've been CLEANING!!! welcome home mommy...this is what i came home to! not quite sure how this all happened in only 5 day...WOW! what a mess!
in case you can't tell...this would be one of the projects i left for them to do with the babysitter while orum was in class. apparently, Elijah spilled the entire bucket of 1200. they only got around to picking about 1/4 of them up.
and there's the happy little culprit.
but they can't be held completely responsible, because as far as i know he can't cook yet!
there wasn't much that wasn't ransacked. i'm still trying to figure out how Renee went through about 20 pair of panties and Elijah only about 6 pair of underwear! and don't worry mess continued through to the bedrooms. this is what i swept up the night i came home...GROSS!
and when that was done...it was time to get ready for a FUN party!!!


Rachel said...

Oh my! Exactly what was the babysitter doing while you were gone?? It doesn't appear that she was watching the kids! Wow! Good luck with the cleaning.

breanna said...

The main "babysitter" to blame would be daddy!! The other babysitter came for a couple hours each evening and did projects with the kids...the real mess happened with Orum!!! He obviously just foucused on having fun!