16 August 2010

a dream come true...

Not only does Renée have a sister, but a sister that now likes to dress-up!!

13 August 2010

waterfront property

yesterday it rained. a lot. if you love it, you could be neighbor and enjoy the same view...

{that's our trashcan. it floated across the street to the school yard. neighbor's red car was picked up and tossed to and fro. gray car was abandoned after a failed attempt to drive through the water. we do get a few good laughs when this happens...it's always the same. driver attempts to plow through the water, but can not pass. driver opens door. water pours in. seriously so funny to watch}

08 August 2010

a little too proud...

Friday Hazel colored an a chair. With a marker. I hid them all...or so I thought.

Yesterday, she found one. A non-washable one. I don't know where.
She had a little fun...and was a little too proud!! She is still purple today.

05 August 2010

almost to 100!

I just noticed that I am one sale away from 100! The lucky buyer will receive something fabulous, but to celebrate all orders placed from now until Monday will receive 10 percent off!!!

**just shop, add to cart, and purchase...I will then send a revised invoice with the 10 percent discount ...then pay through paypal**

02 August 2010

my birthday!

right before all the party feature excitement...i had a birthday. and to celebrate we went here....
to eat some of these--among other things. mmmmmm....but guess who loved them most!
not him...he only eats about 4 things. chargrilled oysters is not one of them.
not her either. she'd rather read street signs and eat shrimp.
it was her!! our true new orleans baby!! she didn't think we could give her bites fast enough. this is what she looked like most of the time...while making loud noises, so that we would be sure to give her more!i am really starting to think that where you are born has something to do with the foods you love. we've always eaten the same, but our two utah-born children will hardly entertain the idea. i do hope that will change soon--renée has been a little adventurous this summer, but i think because she's a little envious that hazel eats all of our food! for elijah...that's another story!

01 August 2010

paper flowers tutorial

these are super easy if you have all the right stuff...
-flower stencil from hobby lobby {it was in a really obscure place near the stamps}
-paper piercer
-floral wire
-mini pom poms {optional}
trace and cut the petals--this is definitely the most time consuming step.
the stencil suggests a number to cut, but i usually added an extra one to make them a little fuller.
fold and stackmake 2 holes with paper piercer--there are obviously many options when it comes to this step. i chose to make the two holes and leave the wire long so that i could stick them in a styrofoam ball. you could also use a brad.

inserts wire and twist ends together
wha-laa...a flower!
For the big arrangements, I left a lot with the wire exposed and covered others with the pom poms.
I had big jars of these at my sister's shower...see it all here!