20 July 2010

THE shower!!

This is the most rewarding shower/party that I have ever planned! Not only did I think that it was sooo cute, but every idea that I had anticipated using, was! I have to admit that usually I run out of time and something is sacrificed, but not this time! I definitely can't take all the credit for the outcome...we only had about 45 minutes to set up and I had LOTS of helping hands!! THANK YOU!!I LOVED seeing all the adorable mini cake stands! {is is bad that i made my sister help make them?} I loved them all. It was impossible to choose a favorite! Each had a mini pound cake topped with powdered sugar and a strawberry. There were 3 different shapes of cakes.

Along with the cake stand, each place setting had a menu card that resembled the invite. Behind the trim was a menu with the 3 entree choices and a game card. The favors were fabric flower ponytail holders, which also served as the napkin ring.

The table runner was made from curtain panels that I found at a close-out store. The digging definitely paid-off the day that I found them--the contrast really made the cake stands pop!

Along with the cake stands, there were big colorful jars full of paper flowers!
And to add some fun to the gift table...a few white ruffles :)
I definitely wanted Heather's chair to have something cute on it, but could not decided what. Then I saw this idea in the new Martha Wedding magazine the night before. It was perfect!

Thanks to everyone for all of the help!! It was a lovely shower, and fun was had by all!


Margaret said...

Bre you are crazy!!! In the best sense of the word of course. I'm sitting here with Austin showing him your 70 fabric invites amongst everything else. Where do you find the time? When are you opening your own company?
Man I wished I lived by you. I'm going to tell Austin he has to hire you to throw me a party. We will fly you out here and everything.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Oh man. How fun! Hang on to those cake plates! And remember, I have a big upstairs storage space now for "themey" party stuff that we don't want you to have to remake when we want to use it! Ha. Mel

Mary Martha said...

wow bre. Your amazing! Way to go! So cute.

Becca Groves said...

I LOVE your paper flower arrangement. Do you have a pattern for those, or could you point me in the right direction for how to make some paper flowers of my own?

Love the whole shower.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

OMG, this is so creative and interesting to look at! I love all the details, and the cake holders...genius!
I think I may have to feature this! ;)

breanna said...

thanks so much!!

becca--i used a "fold and stack" flower stencil that i found at hobby lobby. it's in the scrap booking section, but a little hidden. i actually found it by accident!

chirs--your blog is fabulous!! i have already added it to my list of party blogs!! i would love to be featured!!

Glory/ Glorious Treats said...

So pretty!! (found you via Kara's party blog)
I LOVE the individual cake stands!! Any tips on those? I'm guessing they're a mix of candle sticks spray painted and then a plate glued on... Are the candle sticks glass or metal? Any tips on the best type of paint or the best glue for attaching the plates?

Beautful job!!

Jennifer said...

PLEASE post how you did the paper flowers! I was searching and searching for a craft like that on Mother's Day...I'm sure my mom will still like a present 2 months later lol

Kinser Event Company said...

Oh my goodness, love love love it! I featured it on my blog http://www.kinsereventcompany.blogspot.com and my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kinser-Event-Company/122258877798337?ref=ts

Cathy said...

How gorgeous.
I noticed you sent out 70 invitations. Did all 70 turn up? The table setting doesn't look like there were 70 there.

The Carter Fam said...

hi!! This shower is amazing! Can you please tell me how and where you found the directions to make the invites?? Better yet, are you currently making them? I checked your ETSY shop but didnt see any! They are beautiful!

JenRoc said...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! And absolutely perfect timing since I'm in the midst of planning a bridal shower and needed extra ideas! I love what you did with the invitations and CAN NOT get over the cupcake/mini stands! I definitely need those in my life!!! Love it all!!

Frankly Fabulous by lizzie B said...

Will you be adding the fabric invites to your etsy shop, I would love to know how you made them - they are sooo cute!

breanna said...

thanks for all the lovely comments! i'll try to get a tutorial up for the paper flowers soon.

glory--we tried a couple of different candlesticks and metal ones worked the best. we used krylon glossy spray paint and then just hot glued the plates on top. we chose hot glue over something stronger so that the plates could be popped off and put in the dishwasher :)

cathy-i think we had 37. a lot of the invites were sent to family/friends that lived out of town and could not attend. we were in a private room at a restaurant and set up two rows of tables.

invites-- i knew i wanted fabric envelopes, but was stuck on the invites. after googling for awhile, i saw these cute gift card holders
http://elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/2009/12/cozy-cards_09.html and went from there!

i used card stock instead of interfacing on the invite and trim or ribbon instead of a strip of fabric. the possibilities are endless!

i would love to create a listing in my etsy shop! convo me and we can go from there.

Sara said...

I am curious about the invitations as well. Did you mail them just like you would a regular piece of mail? What size where they and did the cost any extra to send?

This is one FANTASTIC shower. The guest of honor is one lucky gal!

breanna said...

Thanks Sara!

They were 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, but since I put a button on the back it was extra postage. The button made them "non-machinable." Unfortunately, the lady at the post office protested the button, and I ended up putting them in a mini manilla envelope, and used an envelope wrap. If I weren't pressed for time, I would have sent a test one to myself without the extra envelope!

After putting them in the manilla envelopes, some were 44 cents and some were 61 cents. I guess it was determined by how large/heavy the button was.


kathleen said...

Where did you find those darling candlesticks???

The Purple Pug said...

This is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. (Found you through Chris' blog). Eclectic and so detail oriented. I love that you hand made most things. I adore this shower. Perfect presentation.

Missy said...

I love everything about this shower! I was wondering if you might have a tutorial for the menu card holders - my baby shower is in September and I'd love the use the idea!