31 March 2008

What a weekend!

Elijah oficially turned 2, Renée danced at Alphafest, I planned a wedding, and went to another one. After a 4 1/2 hour Sunday afternoon nap, I think I'm ready for the week--that is until i have to wake up so early on monday morning after staying up so late!

I'm sure he would've loved to get his cast off for his birthday, he got a chair to match sister's and a vacuum that he loves!!! He ran, literally, around with the vacuum for about 20 minutes straight--until he was so tired that he had to rest in his new chair, as pictured here! I think that he's just decided he has to live with the cast and has adapted quite well! I can't wait to see his reaction when it actually comes off...fingers crossed it's supposed to be tomorrow morning!

(don't you love the pajama ensemble? every night it's a sight to see...we have to have long sleeves and shorts, so you get what you get! even Christmas shirts in march! luckily, he's not annal about his pajamas matching like Renée-her obsession started around 1 and is still going strong. I don't think Elijah has a clue about what tops go with what bottoms. If he does, he sure doesn't care that he's not been wearing matching sets!)

Renée LOVED dancing at Alphafest! They did their ballet dance, which is a Cinderella song and she was so excited about it! She did great, and is counting down the weeks until recital!

After her performance, I was back in wedding mode...it turned out great! I've known them both since we were kids. Although, it was supposed to rain it didn't, and we were able to have the ceremony outside. These are just a few pictures that i took. Not to mention...this was planning marathon. We did everything in about 2 weeks! Amazing! . Thank you Annie and Erica and everybody who helped!!!!

I just realized that there are so many things I didn't get pictures of--I hope the photog did! I'll have to find some pictures and post the rest of the details later. I LOVE the "backdrop" I created! We moved it after the ceremony and put it behind the cake! Some other cool things that I didn't get pics of--the kids table and dumdum bouquet, the cool vinyl on the entrance doors, the vinyl just married on their car, the candy buffet and cute little cones, and lots lots more! I guess you'll have to wait and see!

17 March 2008

little boy blue...

a visit to the orthopedic doctor and 6 more x-rays, and the official verdict is in ...fractured growth plate in his ankle. elijah has to wear a long leg cast for 2 weeks. we picked baby blue of course! unfortunatley, he'll have to wear it for easter and his birthday.

this visit went so much smoother than the first...there was minimal fussing when he saw the x-ray table, let the doctor do his stuff, and he was completely mezmorised as the guy put on his cast (as opposed to kicking and screaming on saturday). the doctor says it should be healed within 10 days and that it shouldn't affect his growth at all. although it's a little bulky, it's actually so much better than his first one. he gets around so much better. not to mention, it's so much cuter!

16 March 2008

our candyland adventure!

yesterday we celebrated renée and elijah's birthdays in candyland!!! the kids had tons of fun and we had lots of yummy sweets to eat!! although, i have to give all the credit to erica for the super cute cakes!! she even put the castle back together after a little transportation catastrophe....you would never know! i'm sure you could guess, but the train cake was for elijah and the castle for renée.

it was definitely a day of mixed reviews--although the party itself was really fun. renée was so excited to see her friends from preschool and her playgroup, but she woke up that day with a fifth disease rash, which seemed to make her less energetic (notice her bright red cheeks). she had been so excited about her party for weeks...but was very mellow that day.

she "got just what she wanted"--almost everything she received was disney princesses and she loved it all! she even got some new princess make-up, pjs, and dishes! she was very excited about all that....she also loved the fact that the cupcake part of her cake was strawberry!

i forgot to mention we had awesome cutouts of the candyland characters...thanks mo! they were so cute!!! here we have brooke as the gingerbread man, cora as lolly, and the birthday girl as mr. mint.

now for elijah's dramatic highlights...he was very excited to have his party at the park because he LOVES to play outside! he also had uncle jerry and papaw there to follow his every move. he tried to multiple times to blow out his candles, and with a little help from aunt sarah katherine he was able to do it. he opened a couple of presents and then off to the playground he went...while having fun with aunt heather on the slide, there was a little incident with his foot. trying to make him feel better we pulled out his power wheel jeep hoping it would do the trick. (just a side note, santa brought "his truck" for christmas, but this was the first time he ever rode in it. we all know how much i love outside. he's just been sitting in it inside and sometimes pushes it around a little. now that i'm writing this...i seem so cruel! to say the least he LOVED it!by the time we left he was driving with no hands going around in a circle.)

back to the foot...he wasn't complaining, but even after cruising in his jeep for an hour or so he still wouldn't walk on it or put weight on it. so off we went to get it checked out. (yes, he was also developing his fifth disease rash) six x-rays later and lots of screaming--he left with a dose of tylenol and a splint cast. we were told that there were no breaks, but that it's possible with toddlers for fractures to appear on film 2-3 days later. so, we have to go back in a couple of days.

he's really pitiful. he wants to walk, but can't-although, the limited mobility is kind of nice. we went to eat afterwards and he sat in a booster seat the entire time and ate his food! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! he is usually up and down and running away and climbing out of his high chair buckles and onto the table, and taking everybody's knife to cut his food, and reaching for my drink or someone else's food, so although i HATE to see him hurt and in that "sock" (as we've been calling it)...i think i'll take advantage of this little perk.

he hasn't been too bothered by it. i know that it really hurts, but he finally started crawling a little bit with it today as long as it's for something he really wants! we hope it heals soon! oh, and he got his "pa pa" back...he got to go to the store and get a new one for all the torture that he was put through with the x-rays! he was begging for one...i don't think i have ever wished that i had one more than i did then. (i still can't believe that i bought some for my almost 2 year old!)

10 March 2008

i have a 4 year old!

renée had a birthday yesterday... and she's 4! i can't believe it!! i feel so old!

she shares her birthday with "papaw charlie" (my daddy). it would have been fun to have a joint celebration--which have yet to do, but this was not the year. my daddy was out of town racing his motorcycle, and even if he were here elijah was still sick--he has
coxsackie not pharyngitis :( but we still have a really fun day!

it was a day full of sweet treats...for breakfast we had doughtnuts with pink icing (elijah had green) and sprinkles. then after she and daddy came home from church we had lunch and cake. i know my "cake baking friends" are not impressed...i didn't have any viva papertowels (erica;)) and i had elijah in my arms the entire time so i couldn't use my new icing tips that bridget gave me, although i was SO EXCITED to try them out...they will have to wait until another day. at least it was on a really cute cake stand!

and of course, we had presents. we gave her two and are saving the rest for her party. when aunt heather called to wish her a happy birthday, she told heather, "i got exactly what i wanted!" who knew?...i guess if it's anything disney princess then it's "exactly what she wanted" it was really funny to watch her open her presents, she still has to get every little piece of paper and tape off before she even picks it up and looks at it. one of the boxes was taped so she had to get a key and cut the tape all by herself. for super we had strawberry shortcakes...she thought that it was the perfect day...

06 March 2008

baby sleeping on couch = pharyngitis

he's at it again, but instead of elijah just being a cute baby sleeping on the couch...he's a sick little baby! apparently it's pharyngitis--which seems a little sissy, but his blistered throat, mouth, and lips has gotten him A LOT of sympathy! for the past day and a half he's been getting more than his normal share of "hold me's," cookies, and noggin. a shot, 4 more days of antibiotics, and staying at home should be the cure--which means i'll be shut in too. i've actally managed to get a lot of laundry washed today. only 3 more loads to go! (yes, there was a lot of dirty laundry.)

04 March 2008

am i cool now?

so renée is at school and elijah feel asleep on the couch, and instead of taking advantage of the calmness and cleaning my house...i'm making a blog! everybody's doing it!