10 March 2008

i have a 4 year old!

renée had a birthday yesterday... and she's 4! i can't believe it!! i feel so old!

she shares her birthday with "papaw charlie" (my daddy). it would have been fun to have a joint celebration--which have yet to do, but this was not the year. my daddy was out of town racing his motorcycle, and even if he were here elijah was still sick--he has
coxsackie not pharyngitis :( but we still have a really fun day!

it was a day full of sweet treats...for breakfast we had doughtnuts with pink icing (elijah had green) and sprinkles. then after she and daddy came home from church we had lunch and cake. i know my "cake baking friends" are not impressed...i didn't have any viva papertowels (erica;)) and i had elijah in my arms the entire time so i couldn't use my new icing tips that bridget gave me, although i was SO EXCITED to try them out...they will have to wait until another day. at least it was on a really cute cake stand!

and of course, we had presents. we gave her two and are saving the rest for her party. when aunt heather called to wish her a happy birthday, she told heather, "i got exactly what i wanted!" who knew?...i guess if it's anything disney princess then it's "exactly what she wanted" it was really funny to watch her open her presents, she still has to get every little piece of paper and tape off before she even picks it up and looks at it. one of the boxes was taped so she had to get a key and cut the tape all by herself. for super we had strawberry shortcakes...she thought that it was the perfect day...

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Margaret said...

Um, I cannot believe you have a 4 year old.