31 January 2010

queen bee

Santa brought this dump truck to Elijah when he was 9 months old. By the time he was Hazel's age...and wearing those exact frog pajamas I might add...Renée was pushing him around in it. He loved it. I suppose he remembered those fun times when he saw Hazel crawl into it yesterday. And, I think she LOVED it even more...unless you stopped, or slowed down like in the picture above. She likes to go fast. Crazy fast.

Elijah gave her a 15 minute ride. He got tired. She did not. She sat there and demanded to be pushed again...

Daddy took his turn.

Renée took hers...
She still wasn't ready to quit. The truck eventually had to go to "time out." She was sad. I guess riding Dumbo when your 6 days old makes you a thrill seeker.

working the system...

These two go to bed at 7.
Even on the weekends, because they NEED lots of sleep!
But I think they have me figured out.
If they can be this cute and sweet, then bedtime get postponed.
I mean, really, how could you not let these two angels stay up a few more minutes {hours}?

29 January 2010

she loves me!

And she tells me all day! Wanna hear?

Mommy= "ma ma"
Banana= "ma ma"
Cheese= "ma ma"
More="ma ma" {while clapping hands}
All done= "ma ma" {with an occasional wave, sometimes clapping}
Bye Bye="ma ma"
Daddy= "ma ma"
Renée= "ma ma"
Elija= "ma ma"

Sounds confusing, but all are said with varying inflections {sometimes}. As of now, the only thing that gets a reaction other than "ma ma" is when we ask her, "Where's your tongue?" To which she opens her giant mouth and touches her tongue to her chin! Regardless, I think it's plain to see who's her favorite! :)

when the brother's away...

The sisters will play! Or at least, take over his chair and watch TV! Hazel took full advantage of having her big sister that can work the remote home all day--3 days in fact! She LOVES "Yo Gabba Gabba," and her mean mommy never lets her watch it. I guess that's what big sisters are for!This has been a loooong month! We usually NEVER get sick. In fact, Elijah hasn't taken any medicine in the past 2 years! Yes, years!

In the last 3 weeks--I had strep, Hazel had an ear infection, I got a horrible chest/sinus something, Renée got strep, Orum had chest/sinus junk, Hazel still has fluid in her ear, Elijah has an ear infection, and then immunizations and blood test for Hazel today. I've seen the pediatrician more this month than I did then entire last year!

I'm hoping for warm weather that sticks around. This sick business if for the birds!

28 January 2010

it's true...

the pigs are flying.
the saints are going to the superbowl.
and the city is bursting with excitement.
i love it.

I also just saw that Monroe/West Monroe was featured on d*s!

24 January 2010

pretty girl...

Daddy said that I looked scraggly in the last set of walking pictures. Today, I went outside with Mommy to get "pretty" walking pictures... First she took me to the grass. I got dirty. I DO NOT like to get dirty!

I decided that the sidewalk was a more acceptable walking surface. I was SO happy to be outside, that I didn't even try to rip that huge bow out of my hair! I'm such a big girl now.

See Daddy, pretty and walking!
Oh, and one more thing...WHO DAT!?


23 January 2010

Such a big girl!

Today, Hazel went to a party for her very own friend Penny! It was a tea party, which meant a fancy dress and a bonnet! While the other children enjoyed flower shaped pb&j and a marshmallow salad...her mother only allowed her to eat the non-sticky cheese puffs.
{She has such a hard life!}
She also discovered that necklaces might be fun after all. She accessorized herself. If only she could figure our what those rings are for.

wanna fight?

He may look cute & sweet, but in reality...he's armed & dangerous!! I also realize now, why super heros never wear pants. They do not provide adequate storage for weapons! That's right...count them... 4 swords! He carries enough to supply his enemy/opponent {aka daddy} I suppose you can never be too prepared.

22 January 2010

we have a walker!

last night Hazel decided to stop dragging her little foot {literally} and to start WALKING for real! she did laps around the house--because yes, you can actually do that here. She made it almost completely around before her first fall, and of course she did it in style...
After dumping the little box of my wonder under scraps, she took her little purse and gathered thread--which she prefers over her sister's fancy accessories! What can I say, a little crafter in the making.

21 January 2010

who needs sunshine?

Apparently, not these 2! They are as happy as can be in the rain, as long as they have their umbrellas and rain boots.

13 January 2010


On one of the warmer nights at EPCOT, we stumbled across Mo'rockin as we were walking through Morocco. Of course, the children wanted to stop. A few minutes later, they asked for all the girls to come up and dance...Elijah followed Renée and danced along too, but took off when it was time to actually belly dance!:)
He made friends with the drummer guy...

12 January 2010

he earned his ears...

We went to Magic Kingdom when we got to Orlando on Christmas night. The first thing Elijah asked for were "Mickey Mouse Ears!" I was so excited...my child actually wanted and asked for them! He asked everyday until we finally got them a few days later! I couldn't buy one without a monogram!!!
He was SOOOOO excited to show Mickey and Minnie, but fell asleep waiting for them to walk over. It was literally less than 5 min, but it was around 2am and he's not much of a night owl. Not to worry, we got to eat breakfast with Mickey a few days later, and he was ready again...shirt and all!

11 January 2010

why, yes i did!

Thanks for noticing mel!:) I did go home and "find the time" to make shirts! After our crazy drive home, our other Christmas Eve duties, and packing the family for the trip--I stayed up making Mickey/Minnie shirts, and I still managed to get 2 hours of sleep!:) I was definitely tired, but they were definitely cute! If my 3 nephews had been there, I don't think I could have pulled it off...I will have to plan further ahead next year!
These two loved feeling like they each had their own baby...unfortunately, Elijah's "baby" hit the road.

what's cuter than matching siblings?

matching cousins!!! It was especially fun to see these 2 together...they LOOOOVED each other so much! They {hazel} were usually hugging and kissing each other, but on this night they were completely engrossed with the present that they had just received from the other!

And to illustrate Hazel's shrimpiness...Aloysia is 6 months older! Hazel, I'm afraid that you are going to be known as the "little" cousin. Maybe you can hope for better hair :)

10 January 2010


Our Disney World trip was VERY eventful this year...for one Renée lost her 2 front teeth! Both just fell out! The first on NYE in the middle of Hollywood Studios and the second NYD maybe at the house {?} I can't remember...I'll have to ask her.

After she lost the first, she let both her daddy and her granddaddy one turn to try to pull the second one. They both failed, but she decided that she would save the first and put in under her pillow with the second. She thought that 2 teeth had to be worth more! :) She still prefers coins to bills, so it definitely looked like a lot of money.

During the trip she had been collecting the pressed pennies. The tooth fairy brought her enough coins to make 8 pennies. Orum had them in his pocket. Later in the day when she realized that she was spending her toothfairy money, she FREAKED out. The money had to be replaced immediately! She wanted to save it...not spend it! She had no idea what she's saving it for, but she says that it's special money.
I LOVE the magic that is childhood; although, I'm still trying to get over the fact that we were unable to get family pictures taken before she lost those teeth! I had forbidden her from wiggling them and from eating super chewy stuff for weeks. I lost, and now I will be remembering her toothless grin for a looooong time!

08 January 2010

so tired...

today i:
organized more toys
cleaned the laundry room
cleaned off my desk
ate king cake
cleaned out half of the refrigerator
bought groceries
washed my hair
played with 3 wild monkeys
ate king cake
emptied my google reader
bought birthday presents
fixed renée's pants
washed clothes
ate king cake
hung my new art

and now i'm tired...so tired that i could sleep in the stroller at magic kingdom again!
{it was an awesome midnight nap...i don't know why my children won't sleep in it more often!}