10 January 2010


Our Disney World trip was VERY eventful this year...for one Renée lost her 2 front teeth! Both just fell out! The first on NYE in the middle of Hollywood Studios and the second NYD maybe at the house {?} I can't remember...I'll have to ask her.

After she lost the first, she let both her daddy and her granddaddy one turn to try to pull the second one. They both failed, but she decided that she would save the first and put in under her pillow with the second. She thought that 2 teeth had to be worth more! :) She still prefers coins to bills, so it definitely looked like a lot of money.

During the trip she had been collecting the pressed pennies. The tooth fairy brought her enough coins to make 8 pennies. Orum had them in his pocket. Later in the day when she realized that she was spending her toothfairy money, she FREAKED out. The money had to be replaced immediately! She wanted to save it...not spend it! She had no idea what she's saving it for, but she says that it's special money.
I LOVE the magic that is childhood; although, I'm still trying to get over the fact that we were unable to get family pictures taken before she lost those teeth! I had forbidden her from wiggling them and from eating super chewy stuff for weeks. I lost, and now I will be remembering her toothless grin for a looooong time!

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melanie, aka Mo said...

Didn't I WARN you before you left that teeth were the "small stuff" and to quit worrying about those pictures. Welllll, NOW look what you've gone and done! NO teeth! I think it is adorable! And I see you made time to go back and make those MIckey shirts. (Psycho!)

I found LOTS more dresses that little miss needs for this spring. When you coming home or do I need to ship them?