29 January 2010

when the brother's away...

The sisters will play! Or at least, take over his chair and watch TV! Hazel took full advantage of having her big sister that can work the remote home all day--3 days in fact! She LOVES "Yo Gabba Gabba," and her mean mommy never lets her watch it. I guess that's what big sisters are for!This has been a loooong month! We usually NEVER get sick. In fact, Elijah hasn't taken any medicine in the past 2 years! Yes, years!

In the last 3 weeks--I had strep, Hazel had an ear infection, I got a horrible chest/sinus something, Renée got strep, Orum had chest/sinus junk, Hazel still has fluid in her ear, Elijah has an ear infection, and then immunizations and blood test for Hazel today. I've seen the pediatrician more this month than I did then entire last year!

I'm hoping for warm weather that sticks around. This sick business if for the birds!

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