31 January 2010

queen bee

Santa brought this dump truck to Elijah when he was 9 months old. By the time he was Hazel's age...and wearing those exact frog pajamas I might add...Renée was pushing him around in it. He loved it. I suppose he remembered those fun times when he saw Hazel crawl into it yesterday. And, I think she LOVED it even more...unless you stopped, or slowed down like in the picture above. She likes to go fast. Crazy fast.

Elijah gave her a 15 minute ride. He got tired. She did not. She sat there and demanded to be pushed again...

Daddy took his turn.

Renée took hers...
She still wasn't ready to quit. The truck eventually had to go to "time out." She was sad. I guess riding Dumbo when your 6 days old makes you a thrill seeker.

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