29 June 2010

in the backseat...

this is what i usually see

28 June 2010

happy birthday!

23 June 2010

lunch and a treasure hunt...

Another summer day in the quarter...first stop lunch. We tried a new place. It was gross--or at least not amazing. Same thing. But one thing is for sure...this little girl LOVES her daddy! is it just me, or does she look crazy old in this picture!?!
These two munchkins were quite the hams...

After lunch we went on a treasure hunt...known to others a geocaching. Orum has the kids hooked. I am just along for the ride. We stopped by this fountain for something. Renée immediately took this position. I told Orum, "she's being Ariel." He laughed. We walked a little closer...she was singing, "ahhhahh ahh, ahhhahhhh, ahhh." I know my girl!

She REALLY wants to be a mermaid. She tries to keep her legs together in the pool to swim like one, which made me think of the mermaid segment that I saw on 20/20. There are these women that wear tails and swim like mermaids. They tied their legs together as children and swam. They can swim underwater for 5 min. Hmmmm...I think we should start with swimming lessons.

Someone was NOT into taking pictures....we had treasure to find...

first stop...

Most of the ones in the city are only "microcaches." No actual treasures, but the kids still think that it's sooo cool!

17 June 2010

summer fun!

I realize that this could potentially make me look like a crazy mom, but Elijah found something new that he LOVES to do!!! Preschool WORKBOOKS!!
For the past two days, he sat down and worked in a book for nearly an hour straight--both times finishing an entire book. He takes his work VERY seriously, and when he's done he proudly shows off his pages. I think he loves it so much because it make him feel as big as Renée. {she loves workbooks too...maybe I really am that crazy mom!?}

16 June 2010

baby eats ketchup.

baby likes ketchup.
Her aunt must be so proud! And now she doesn't scream at the sight of Renée dipping her food.

15 June 2010

surprise party!

Our brother-in-law, Jacob, is here doing a summer program at the law school. A couple of days after he arrived was his birthday--which obviously meant party. I demanded it be a surprise, since he hadn't mentioned it was his big day to anyone. Elizabeth told me it was on Sunday, so no one mentioned it at church. We did ask him to come over right afterwards. So we rushed home and I threw together some stuff...
He was definitely surprised...considering his birthday was actually on Tuesday! Elizabeth's reply was "we didn't want to distract you once class started." good one :) I think it'll be hard to forget next year.
We still made him wear a party hat.
Happy Birthday Jacob!

13 June 2010

i get what i want!

If i'm at the ballpark and I want a drink, I get Renée to buy one. I let her "share" with me for a few minutes.
I then swipe it and have her read me a book. I then show mommy that I'm a big girl and can drink it all by myself.
When she's not looking I pour it on myself. It was hot. That was what I wanted to do the entire time anyway, because I am the baby and I get what I want.

11 June 2010

how to pack a lovesac...

step 1: stuff it in the bag {fail}step 2: wrap in saran wrap

step 3: make tiny hole and use vacuum to suck air out.
step 4: continue to shrink by using vacuum.
step 5: cover hole. try to reposition vacuum to reshape to put in bag. {fail}
step 6: repeat steps 2-5. {lora, put down the knife!}
step 7: repeat those steps again. {get really close both times}
step 8: after 3rd try. admit defeat and use tie-downs.

Comic relief brought to you by me and lora.
Idea to stuff it in the bag--me
Brilliant saran wrap idea--lora!

09 June 2010

instant "playpen"

the last time i was home, i had to improvise...
why?because the one above and the one below don't get along too well. The furry one is always jumping on the little one and stealing her food. She wasn't sure at first about eating her food in the tub...until she realized that it wouldn't be stolen by the furry one! She made a few celebratory sounds, that sent to furry one scurrying back to her owner. And she was quite proud.

05 June 2010

ballpark friends

These two like to read about the rainbow fairies. The one below tries to hang with the big brothers...

Unfortunately, they don't share her love. She has decided to just stick with the friends that she brings. The ones that she can just throw when she's done with them!

04 June 2010

the wardrobe of a southern boy...

starts out just like every other baby...sweet gowns, pretty blankets, and little booties.

tiny bubbles and adorable bonnets...
soon there's seersucker and bucket hats...

jon-jons and knee socks!

and knitted rompers too!

they are perfect for every activity--running in the sand, flying kites, even t-ball.

ok, so maybe t-ball was pushing it, but I bet those other little boys were HOT and were wishing they were in one. {this was last year. he was only 3 :)}
and of course, sailing a boat! another perk...matching his sister!
but those days are gone...now he wears t-shirts and polos. like the big boys.
Except on sundays! That is the day that I still get the final word on the wardrobe. Little plaid suit, peter pan collar shirt, and saltwater sandals...adorable still!!! I suppose these days are numbered too {sadness} but for now, I will enjoy!