31 October 2010

little boy bones...

yes, it's true. there are little boy bones in my tummy. sorry to those that I may have told a little lie to :) we had a little scare a few weeks ago, so I wanted to wait until I had another ultrasound before we told.

well, we had one yesterday and everything has fixed itself. and...it's a boy. there's a certain little boy here that was thrilled to hear that he's finally going to have a brother :) he now asks daily if today is the day that "his brother will get born?"

{photo courtesy of Renée}

07 October 2010

head accessories...

a lovely hat made by renee for the cat...the cat in the hat.
and just a couple of headbands for the baby...

{oh, and mountains of laundry in the background:) }

05 October 2010


what could be sweeter!?!

04 October 2010

yay...swim party!!

last weekend the kids went to a birthday party...yep, STILL hot enough to swim here, but i'm not complaining! what to wear? what to wear? well, if you are elijah you grab your suit and boots. oh, and don't forget to pack your towel and heat! Hazel just needs a suit. She just likes to stand and observe...
maybe test a toy or two...but ALWAYS from the safety of dry land!At least "mermaid" was actually swimming! That's her leg above hazel's head...there's always next summer...

02 October 2010


time to break out the halloween clothes and treats :)
what?!? you're wondering where her cute little bob went? well, I certainly didn't cut it off. Nope.
Her brother did last month. That's right--a week before my sister's wedding. You know the one that she was a flower girl in! She must have sat still for at least 10 minutes--the hair he cut off filled a quart size ziplock! Who knew the girl had so much hair!!
I was out of town that day with Renee. I think we had only been gone for a couple of hours...Orum was home. He didn't pick up on the fact that they had been quiet for way too long! Now it just needs to grow...FAST!!