02 October 2010


time to break out the halloween clothes and treats :)
what?!? you're wondering where her cute little bob went? well, I certainly didn't cut it off. Nope.
Her brother did last month. That's right--a week before my sister's wedding. You know the one that she was a flower girl in! She must have sat still for at least 10 minutes--the hair he cut off filled a quart size ziplock! Who knew the girl had so much hair!!
I was out of town that day with Renee. I think we had only been gone for a couple of hours...Orum was home. He didn't pick up on the fact that they had been quiet for way too long! Now it just needs to grow...FAST!!


Coila said...

I thought you were just showing off how cute her new cut is! I love it!

Melisse said...

You seem to be taking it much better than I did! Elsa's hair has just now fully grown out...it took 18 months. But your Hazel's doesn't have as far to grow!