18 February 2009

a sad day...

Christmas is officially over at our house! the Christmas tree (aka Mardi Gras tree) is down. If we consider it a Mardi Gras tree, then I'm actually a week ahead of the game! We all LOVE having the tree up, even Orum seemed a little sad to see it packed away. I've been warning the kids for over a week that we had to take it down soon, and their reply was always "NOOOOOOOO!" (a whinny one of course) But as of today, they are all down...all 4!
It was a little easier to do it this year, since all the lights quit working 2 weeks ago! and the fact that i need to take it and all my other Christmas junk home this weekend to put in "storage." (my storage being a corner in one of my daddy's warehouses at his office...which continues to multiply every trip home, and he's ever so happy about!) only 280 days until we can get out again!

16 February 2009

our valentine's weekend...

we had a great valentine's week/weekend...i made this little felt heart clip for Renée last weekend and she LOVED it! she wore it to school everyday!! she also says that since her school is named Sacred Heart and her uniform has smocked red hearts on it that she can wear it any day...even if it's not valentine's. i guess she's right... Friday night i set out some valentine's craft stuff for them...it was a HIT! i knew that Renée would be very excited, but so was Elijah!! the glitter glue was their favorite! they were at it for almost 2 hours! i may have to make that a Saturday morning tradition since they now wake up EARLY!!! having Renée in a school that starts at 8am everyday has ruined these two late sleepers! no more 10 or 11 sleep in days...unless it's Sunday morning when i need them to get up early! luckily, hazel still sleeps in! well, she's actually still sleeping around the clock, but i have high hopes! at least if these two had something fun to occupy them then maybe i wouldn't have to get up at 7:30 to entertain! above is Renée's creation. Elijah was VERY proud of his! i LOVE their artwork! Renée has been drawing the cutest little people...most wear rainbow dresses, but the one above has a heart dress that is the sticker...I'm hoping she has more creative talent than me! i often have to use restraint and let her do her thing. sometimes it's really hard--like when she wants to color in the R's and e's in her name. sometimes it becomes unreadable, but she's just creating i guess!? we also had some ♥ shapped muffins on their new red glitter ♥ shaped plates for breakfast. and hazel enjoyed some official tummy time...after naps we went to "Family Gras" in Metairie. I got to see Sara Bareilles again! We were in the middle of the crowd. if we hadn't had the stroller we could have maneuvered our way closer, but it was still great! I LOVE her...and apparently so do my kids!
Renée thought it was really cool to see her singing in "real life" and Elijah had fun dancing with orum and singing! he's singing "many the miles" below. he's been picking up on lots of songs lately...including reginia spector's "on the radio" which is hilarious to see/hear! we intended to stay for a parade, but it started pouring...so it was PF Chang's and home!

Renee has declared that it is now her favorite place to eat. And Elijah ate all the tofu...we still can't figure that one out, but he LOVES it! orum even took the night off from studying! he helped with bedtime and watched grey's anatomy with me.
later i heard someone say, "here hold my hand." and this is what i saw...hazel holding the paper hand that Renée colored and cut out...hazel is so willing to "go with the flow..." which is a plus for all of us!and now a few of hazel in her cute pink outfit...I'm acrually branching out with her! Renée was in a dress everyday of her life until she was about 7 months old and it was snowing and i was forced to put the child in pants! Renée still prefers a dress and refuses to shop for a pair of jeans! she will wear pants now...but often needs convincing if the top is not a dress! i guess we'll see if baby wardrobes are the issue.
Renée LOVES her baby sister...and the baby pink bow! although the hair that used to hold it in has fallen out...so it doesn't stay too well.
we wanted to make these for her pre-k class, but we didn't have enough boxes. instead renee made her own card from a kit. there were some really cute ones, but for some reason i didn't take any pictures of them! we made these valentine treats for their friends at church...they were really easy and really cute! inside were red felt fortune cookies with kisses inside!
and our weekend wouldn't be complete without a little one acting as if it were completely normal to be naked and playing! maybe his clothes were hindering his creativity?

11 February 2009

dear mimi,

i'm growing fast and my favorite shoes are too little! do they make bigger ones? i'll be visiting soon. rest your arms so you can rock me lots!
love, hazel

10 February 2009

brother for sale...

Elijah thought he was SO funny when we found him stuffed in this little baby doll box! like most little boys, we never know what we will find when he gets quiet! he was even dressed the part in renée's ballet pajamas minus the chocolate on his face! (for some reason he now prefers to wear hers...even though he has every cool pair of boy pajamas one could want! i don't get it?!)
renée immediately made up a little "baby for sale" chant and was begging for her own turn. i would have liked to see her try to fit, but elijah ripped the box while getting out...so i guess we'll never see.

06 February 2009

Ruler of the playground!!

Today we went to Audubon park...Elijah had these 2 boys pushing him around in this car for more than 20 minutes! We've never seen these boys and he confiscated the car from another little girl...I guess he might have natural leadership skills!?

03 February 2009

look who's smiling...

Another day at home with the 2 little ones...and looky looky...hazel is smiling on her own! she's been smiling for a few days when we coax her, but today she was thoroughly entertained during her private concert from Elijah and showed it with a smile!
(Surely, she's deep in thought choreographing her own dance to the beautiful music she's hearing! the ballet gown she's wearing is inspiring her moves!)
he loves her and he's trying his best to get a little more interaction, but he's currently consumed with all things pirates. we are still working on "not shooting or hooking the baby!"

02 February 2009

The secret to shopping...

if only they were at walmart! I love lowe's for this very reason...unfortunately I don't shop there too often. Elijah thinks that this buggy is SO fun! He's never once tried to climb out--he usually climbs out of a buggy at least 20 times! He also reminds me of his good times in it as we pass lowe's on our way to walmart. Maybe one day every store will have these, but then that would be too good to be true!