10 February 2009

brother for sale...

Elijah thought he was SO funny when we found him stuffed in this little baby doll box! like most little boys, we never know what we will find when he gets quiet! he was even dressed the part in renée's ballet pajamas minus the chocolate on his face! (for some reason he now prefers to wear hers...even though he has every cool pair of boy pajamas one could want! i don't get it?!)
renée immediately made up a little "baby for sale" chant and was begging for her own turn. i would have liked to see her try to fit, but elijah ripped the box while getting out...so i guess we'll never see.


cari runia said...

BRE! Your kids are so stinkin cute! It makes me miss you even more! My kiddles are finally sleeping, so I've been reading your past posts, and I love catching up!
So wow, little Hazel is beautiful, and Renee is so grown up and I'm sure is a fabulous dancer like her mama, and mister elijah looks like such a great brother! I wish our boys could get together and play... they would get into a LOT of trouble! I'll be adding some posts soon, I promise... busy birthday/anniversary week!
I love you girl! :)

Mary Martha said...

so so so cute! It is so fun looking at your bog and seeing your cute adoreable kids. congrat son a beautiful family.