31 May 2011

name that baby!

25 May 2011

her last day at Sacred Heart!

Summer started today, and I have one sad sad SAD little girl! Today was her last day at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. She has been very emotional about the whole thing--I think it started when they began counting down the days of school. When it hit 14 days...the thinking, the sad talking, and the tears started. Yesterday during their last all-school assembly, she was crying. Crying so much that her teacher had to take her to the hall to calm her down.

I am sad that she is so sad. We do love it here. She LOVES her school. She LOVES that it's only girls. I tell her that she will love her new school too, but we both know it won't be the same. I tell her that she cried for her old preschool when she started at Sacred Heart. She doesn't believe me. Maybe she does, and she just chooses not to admit it.

We decided to make "friendship headbands" and give them to all the girls in first grade. She was excited, because I let her help sew the ruffles. We made 50. We started last night. Help was welcomed :)
Here are the girls in her class this year. I guess I should have taken several more pictures...some girls weren't quite ready :)
Renée and her teacher Mrs. Charbonnett. She is seriously the sweetest teacher ever! We all LOVED her! She was the prefect teacher for Reneé during our crazy year. She even made a banner the morning that William was born and sent it to the hospital. She had all the girls and several other teachers write little notes to him!
And is this not the saddest note ever?! Look at Renée and the word bubble...
Hopefully, this time next year I will be writing about how Renée loved second grade at her new school. That she had a fabulous teacher again, and not about how she still misses her "old school."

20 May 2011

this very second...


20 May 2011

I walked through my house. This is what I saw...
Renée reading...as expected.
William sleeping. In Hazel's bed. He was watching Renée clean her room. It must have been exhausting, or maybe Renée swaddling did the trick :)
Hazel crashed while watching her most favorite show...Yo Gabba Gabba.
Elijah asleep. Again. He had fallen asleep not long ago while throwing a fit. A little while ago he stumbled to my desk mumbling something. I told him to go back to his bed and wait for me...maybe he was just sleep walking.

11 May 2011

her new favorite hat!

Never mind, that it has her brother's name on it. That it's on backwards. That she DID NOT want one of her own while we were in Disney World.

She LOVES it now. A lot.

10 May 2011

easter means seersucker

Before we left for church--I thought I could get a picture of the "easy" three. {haha!} Elijah didn't want to stand by Renée at all, and Hazel didn't want to get too close to either of them--and would only do what Elijah did. All of which meant a good picture wasn't happening...
Then they started yelling for William to come across the street--and these two started being cute. My plan was to sneak Renée and William in behind them...
But when Elijah saw this
He did this...
And then it was all downhill...Hazel wanted to "hold it too, me?"
They were both rejected, and the pouting ensued. Hazel is just a faker. If Elijah was doing it, so was she...
Orum was determined to get a picture with Elijah in their seersucker suits. We did--just from the back.

09 May 2011

we love the puj tub!

Quite possibly my favorite baby thing ever! It's actually made to use in a bathroom sink--our tiny sink was too small, but it works great in our kitchen sink. And the girl who invented it is a fellow BYU grad--didn't know her, but still so cool!

08 May 2011

mother's day goodies...

Rainbow cards made by Renéeand quite possibly the cutest book ever...
She was sure to point out that she added "very" and that she was not supposed to, but she really wanted to, so she did :)
SO funny...sorry, to disappoint but I'm not actually making them, just making them cuter :) The red thing to the left is her Sacred Heart shirt that I appliqued.

Now this is definitely true! It wasn't too long ago that 75 percent of the laundry was hers, so her help was more than welcomed! She's cut down on her wardrobe changes, but I still love her help!
She got an American Girl sewing project for her birthday. We finally started sewing them a couple of weeks ago...I am holding one of the birds in my right hand.
I especially love the drawing of herself with her arms up asking how....I just hope that I'm not that curvy in real life!
And because using my "real" name is so cool...this was on the back. And yes, she now always uses a heart above her e.
And elijah's card...the fish were made from his fingerprints
and the pink part folded out with his name

They also came home with a giant cookie cake and lilies :) This picture makes me laugh...it's showing their typical behavior--elijah doing his own thing, renée paying attention, and hazel scheming...

Hello, blue eyes! I love you all...and, of course, Baby William too who has been napping the day away. Oh, maybe one day soon I can join him...Orum graduates this week!

07 May 2011

Lemonade Day!

One of their dreams finally came true...they got to have a lemonade stand!! They have literally been asking to do it for about a year! Since, it was South Louisiana Lemonade Day--it was the perfect opportunity to make it happen {and earn myself some "best-mom-ever points"}

They sold lemonade and bead dogs--although most people gave them $1 instead of 50¢, so Renée ended up just giving them to people. I LOVED seeing her "sell" something that she made :)

They were pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Not long after they set up, they got a little helper. She was a little too helpful and ate all of their lemon drops. The baby joined us a little later. I will be sure to not go at it alone next time with all 4 children.
They thought it was a blast, and made $40! Not bad...

04 May 2011

one month!

I can't believe this little one is already a month old!! He's been doing his jobs {eat, sleep, poop} so well, of course, it's mostly sleep...at least for now.

my first banners!

There's so much to blog about, but I thought these were too funny not to share...

Last week my mom's house flooded. I went home to help clean up the mess. My sister and I found LOTS of our childhood stuff. In one of the boxes, I found what had to be my first banners!
The one above says--happy easter. I can't decide if it has a border of polka dots or easter eggs. Yep, it's made form loose leaf paper that I glued together! The one below was made for my sister. I guess I forgot to leave room for the {!} so I just put it in the middle of the bottom of the page!
{just excuse that messy hair of hazel's...she had a few too many suckers that day!}