08 May 2011

mother's day goodies...

Rainbow cards made by Renéeand quite possibly the cutest book ever...
She was sure to point out that she added "very" and that she was not supposed to, but she really wanted to, so she did :)
SO funny...sorry, to disappoint but I'm not actually making them, just making them cuter :) The red thing to the left is her Sacred Heart shirt that I appliqued.

Now this is definitely true! It wasn't too long ago that 75 percent of the laundry was hers, so her help was more than welcomed! She's cut down on her wardrobe changes, but I still love her help!
She got an American Girl sewing project for her birthday. We finally started sewing them a couple of weeks ago...I am holding one of the birds in my right hand.
I especially love the drawing of herself with her arms up asking how....I just hope that I'm not that curvy in real life!
And because using my "real" name is so cool...this was on the back. And yes, she now always uses a heart above her e.
And elijah's card...the fish were made from his fingerprints
and the pink part folded out with his name

They also came home with a giant cookie cake and lilies :) This picture makes me laugh...it's showing their typical behavior--elijah doing his own thing, renée paying attention, and hazel scheming...

Hello, blue eyes! I love you all...and, of course, Baby William too who has been napping the day away. Oh, maybe one day soon I can join him...Orum graduates this week!

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