20 May 2011

this very second...


20 May 2011

I walked through my house. This is what I saw...
Renée reading...as expected.
William sleeping. In Hazel's bed. He was watching Renée clean her room. It must have been exhausting, or maybe Renée swaddling did the trick :)
Hazel crashed while watching her most favorite show...Yo Gabba Gabba.
Elijah asleep. Again. He had fallen asleep not long ago while throwing a fit. A little while ago he stumbled to my desk mumbling something. I told him to go back to his bed and wait for me...maybe he was just sleep walking.

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Amanda said...

Oh lady how I envy you. My kiddos went to bed at 8pm, but Pete is still awake. I had made him take a nap and now he's wired. It's almost 10pm. I feel bad for the guy. I love seeing Renee reading. So sweet. And with William watching. Sleep sounds so good to me. I think I'll get some shut eye too, if Peter would just close his eyes:)