07 May 2011

Lemonade Day!

One of their dreams finally came true...they got to have a lemonade stand!! They have literally been asking to do it for about a year! Since, it was South Louisiana Lemonade Day--it was the perfect opportunity to make it happen {and earn myself some "best-mom-ever points"}

They sold lemonade and bead dogs--although most people gave them $1 instead of 50¢, so Renée ended up just giving them to people. I LOVED seeing her "sell" something that she made :)

They were pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Not long after they set up, they got a little helper. She was a little too helpful and ate all of their lemon drops. The baby joined us a little later. I will be sure to not go at it alone next time with all 4 children.
They thought it was a blast, and made $40! Not bad...


Amanda said...

Are you kidding me? I can't believe they made that much money. Y'all should go into business. They looked so cute! I can't blame people for givin' them a $.

Rachel said...

They made $40! Wow-you must get some really good foot traffic on the street you live on!

I also love the details of the cute table cloth and the lemonade sign. Although I wouldn't have expected anything less from you!