04 May 2011

my first banners!

There's so much to blog about, but I thought these were too funny not to share...

Last week my mom's house flooded. I went home to help clean up the mess. My sister and I found LOTS of our childhood stuff. In one of the boxes, I found what had to be my first banners!
The one above says--happy easter. I can't decide if it has a border of polka dots or easter eggs. Yep, it's made form loose leaf paper that I glued together! The one below was made for my sister. I guess I forgot to leave room for the {!} so I just put it in the middle of the bottom of the page!
{just excuse that messy hair of hazel's...she had a few too many suckers that day!}

1 comment:

melanie, aka Mo said...

Do NOT talk about my kids' sequin clothes! Are those RED sandals with that outfit?!