27 April 2011

the eggs!

How do you get fingers like these? Dying easter eggs, of course!
I had forgotten how much Elijah LOVED dying eggs last year. He loved it more this year...if that's even possible! He could not get the eggs in the dye fast enough, and he was quite proud of his results.

Renée, as you can imagine, took her time. She made a few hot pink ones--which meant long dye baths and then finger painted a few more for a tie-dyed look.

The finishing touch? GOLD sponge paint!
I was just happy that Orum was home that day and took the initiative to do the eggs! I wasn't up for it, but the kids were NOT going to let us "forget" about it!
And here they are in all their golden glory.

{Hazel napped through it all...maybe next year little girl:)}

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