26 April 2011

egg hunt 2011

On Saturday, we took the kids to hunt eggs at the Garden Gates--it's a store/plant nursery. They had 20,000 eggs hidden in their plants. The kids thought it was awesome...they actually got to hunt and fill up their baskets. As opposed to getting a few like at the school hunts. They were also gated in...which I appreciated! A view in the back...Renée was one of the last kids that stopped hunting. The others were having cupcakes or playing, but she was still hunting away!

No one could look at the camera. They had to use every second to look for MORE eggs.

Hazel loved this thing...I have no idea what it actually is used for.

Renée found her friend, Devron, from school.

And, of course, we ATTEMPTED to get a picture of all the kids...

Pretty close to everyone looking. I guess the fact that William's hat is over his sleeping eyes in not a big deal...

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