18 November 2010

new donuts...

we cheated on krispy kremes, but she approves!

16 November 2010

tom turkey...

While we are on the subject of first grade. Meet tom. Each girl was given a turkey to decorate with her family. Renée made sure that every family member did a job, sans Hazel. I think she was sleeping every time we worked on it, but it was probably better that way :) She prefers taking things off!
For the most part the kids actually did most of the work!

Feathers--kids cut and glued the tiny pieces of fabric. I helped so it wouldn't take so long.
Brown feathers--the kids rolled the yarn into little balls and I applied the hot glue.
Body--the kids bent the pipe cleaners and I did the hot glue again.
Feet and Beak--I made out of gold felt.
Googly eye--Renée insisted.
Gobbler--red beads. Renée designated this as Orum's job since he was at school during the other jobs. She even made him get up one morning before she went to school to make sure that he did it!

15 November 2010

meet brownie...

He's Ms. Charbonnet's class pet. He even has tags and leash...Renée was VERY excited to bring him home! It was a while ago--sometime when there was a Monday holdiay (maybe labor day?) so he got to stay with us an extra day!He came with us to the post office...
Went to the zoo...
And even rode in the wagon with Hazel. All of the kids LOVED him! Maybe I should just get a stuffed dog and call it our pet!

13 November 2010

halloween 2010

Thanks for all the kind words!! We are VERY excited about the baby...i'm due on April 3. I just have my fingers crossed that he won't be early! I don't know how I could ever do 3 birthday parties in March...or at least 3 parties and still get sleep :)

I suppose that I should just post these pictures and move on...didn't you know that it was time for an obligatory event post and that instead of posting, I just did nothing :)

I didn't get any of costume shots of the kids together. I had hoped to get them dressed again and take a few in the daylight. It never happened, so this is the best I have...I guess it's the price I pay for finishing the costumes in the car on the way to the trunk-or-treat...

Renée was a butterfly. She really wanted to b Rapunzel, but the perfect dress could not be found. Like she NEEDS another princess dress, so butterfly it was!
Elijah was certain that he wanted to be a robot. His only request was that he be red and blue. At the last minute we added the candy slot. He LOVED it! I should have turned the bag the other way, so that the ziplock words weren't showing...but there was just not enough time to fix it.
Hazel LOVES dogs. Renée got these dog ears at a birthday party last year. Anytime Hazel sees them, she puts them on, crawls on her hands and knees, and barks like a dog. It's adorable. We decided that she MUST be a dog for Halloween.

Well, there were no such things done on that night. She just wanted to walk around and eat apples. I guess I shouldn't complain, apples > candy.
That's Orum beside her. What you can't see is that his belly is not full of baby bones, but fast food. He was just happy that we finally had "matching costumes."
And now we can move on with regular, random posts...