16 November 2010

tom turkey...

While we are on the subject of first grade. Meet tom. Each girl was given a turkey to decorate with her family. Renée made sure that every family member did a job, sans Hazel. I think she was sleeping every time we worked on it, but it was probably better that way :) She prefers taking things off!
For the most part the kids actually did most of the work!

Feathers--kids cut and glued the tiny pieces of fabric. I helped so it wouldn't take so long.
Brown feathers--the kids rolled the yarn into little balls and I applied the hot glue.
Body--the kids bent the pipe cleaners and I did the hot glue again.
Feet and Beak--I made out of gold felt.
Googly eye--Renée insisted.
Gobbler--red beads. Renée designated this as Orum's job since he was at school during the other jobs. She even made him get up one morning before she went to school to make sure that he did it!

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