13 January 2013

flashback...4 April 2011

When I was the hospital with my sister, I couldn't help but think of the arrival of my last little one!
I'm sure y'all all remember how it played out...but did y'all know that I was supposed to have a birth photographer?! Well, I was. If I still lived in New Orleans, I might be tempted to have a "do-over!" :)

Nicole Rome was kind enough to meet us up there when we got to the hospital that morning--she waited around for hours until they brought us the baby, and then she came back that afternoon when the kids got to visit with him the first time! These are quite possible my favorite set of pictures EVER!

The white socks and dress shoes were the result of sacrificing his shoelace for the cord. Don't worry...I made him change his socks when he went back for the kids that afternoon :)

The pictures above are when we FINALLY got the baby back from the nursery. They literally had him for almost three hours. I don't know what was going on. I was told that they were waiting for a room for me, but when I got there only a few other patients were on the floor. There were plenty of empty rooms.

The pictures below are when the kids came to meet him after school. I remember demanding that they remove the IV port before the kids came. I may or may not have told the nurse, if you aren't able to take it out, then I will do it when you leave the room. She removed it. :) Not to mention it was done by a paramedic in worst spot half-way up my arm.  I don't mean to be a demanding patient, but really???  I had been worried about Elijah being traumatized by the events that morning, and I wanted everything to seem normal. I was relieved when I saw that huge smile on his face when he walked through the door! They were all so excited and couldn't have enough turns holding the baby!!

And there we are--a family of 6. Kind of crazy...

Baby Landon

Last week, my sister had her first baby! I am glad that the hosptial is close to my house, because I could sneak away at night to go visit. Isn't he cute!? He loves me already. In fact, he cried for a while the night they went home because he wanted me to put him to sleep. Not to mention install his car seat for the ride home :)