30 December 2011

little shoppers...

While everyone else was at the stunt show, I had the sleeping babies and these two little girls. They are 6 months apart and hilarious together. They decided to do a little browsing in the princess shop. 
 They started out looking at bubble guns, but then Boo spotted the dolls...

Soon, she had Aloysia convinced that they were way better than the bubble guns.

They played a little, and then put them back...to go on their next adventure together...

"Mickey Chef!"

It's what we heard for days! This boy LOVES going to eat a "Chef Mickey's," and we love that we can still eat breakfast at 11:50! It's just the "Young Way!" 
 I had been trying to months to get reservations. Let's just say it's almost impossible to get Disney reservations anywhere when it's a party of 20. We ended up getting one for 10 a couple of days before we left.  It was amazing. It was the third time that I had called that day--so obviously it was a cancelation.
It worked out perfectly--all of these little boys were awake that morning. All of the girls were still sleeping! Elijah LOVED every single second of it. 

William--he wasn't so sure about it. 

the little youngs....

well, I guess techinically only 4 {mine} are youngs, but you get the idea...
Of course, someone would need to be crying. Why not "Boo?!"I cannot remember why. I'm sure the lack of sleep had nothing to do with it.
 waiting for the tiny ones...

 Left to Right-
Dallin {2}, Hunter {6}, Porter {5}, Elijah {5}, Elle {3 mo}, Boo {aka Hazel 3}, Aloysia {2}, Renée {7}, and William {8 mo}
Wouldn't you like to be in Disney World with all of these little ones!?! :)

27 October 2011

hostess with the mostess!

So, I am still trying to catch up on the blog scene--reading and writing, but
look what I just found on the Hostess with the Mostess!
I made those hats! See the whole party here!

18 October 2011

princess party!

Last month, Hazel's little friend Gabbi turned 3! And she wanted a "Rapunzel" party...her mom pulled off an awesome purple/green party!!She had two little tables set up for the girls in the entry...
This cute little stand with jars for the drinks...

matching wreaths of the front door...
An adorable green cake, with graduated purple layers in the inside!
Aren't they sweet!? Too bad they wouldn't look at me :)

Seriously...these sweet little girls in all that tulle and monogramed tees!?! I want to be 3 again!!
Look in the background...Melanie painted all these signs and had them on the wall along with some recent pictures. sooooo CUTE!!
There was also a frame for a "photo booth" shoot. I don't have any of those, but they were cute. There was a big purple frame that they held.
Did I mention that there were party hats for everyone, even the babies...And a little after-party party in the bedroom. Lipstick and markers were the activities of choice.Like I said...hats for everyone, even the babies.
He's a good sport!
We had a great time! Happy Birthday Gabbi Girl!
<3 Hazel

17 October 2011

brother baths!

Do these even need a caption!?

16 October 2011

best friends!

Another perk of being home is that my niece is in town until Christmas! These two are 6 months apart and are "best friends!" For the most part, they share so well! Look at those little hands...sharing the phone to watch their favorite show--yo gabba gabba!

13 October 2011

another ballerina!

Hazel started dancing this year!! I can't believe that I have TWO little dancers...let the recital fun begin :) We are already up to two shows. I am sure that it won't be long before they are dancing in all six!

These are her little friends Ellie and Gabbi. Ellie is a year older, and not in their real class. This was a special little class to break-in all the new teaching assistants. I think those chose girls that they thought were going to be naughty...
Well, they were ALL angels FOR REAL!! They listened attentively and danced! There was no running around or hanging on the bars like monkeys! It may never happen again...
Yes, monogramed leotards are just so sweet, aren't they!?! Here's Ms. Gretchen showing Hazel how to skip...
Hazel decided running was more efficient. {I guess there was a little running that day}

I can't remember what they were dancing to, but they were oh so cute!!! Look at that teeny little girl!
Black leotard, pink tights, and a little pink tutu--quite possibly the sweetest little outfit, except maybe a smocked dress. :)

04 October 2011


It's hard to believe, but it's true...this sweet little boy is now 6 months old! It seems like I was just posting the same thing about his big sister! And yes, he is just as sweet as he looks! :)

she's pink and happy...

Since the other kids started school a week before she did, a new toy was a must! And since she is OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba...she was just slightly excited!

See she even had to change her panties, so she could match!
She was serious about this little set. She didn't just build it, she watered the flowers, gave them snacks, and made them dance.