13 October 2011

another ballerina!

Hazel started dancing this year!! I can't believe that I have TWO little dancers...let the recital fun begin :) We are already up to two shows. I am sure that it won't be long before they are dancing in all six!

These are her little friends Ellie and Gabbi. Ellie is a year older, and not in their real class. This was a special little class to break-in all the new teaching assistants. I think those chose girls that they thought were going to be naughty...
Well, they were ALL angels FOR REAL!! They listened attentively and danced! There was no running around or hanging on the bars like monkeys! It may never happen again...
Yes, monogramed leotards are just so sweet, aren't they!?! Here's Ms. Gretchen showing Hazel how to skip...
Hazel decided running was more efficient. {I guess there was a little running that day}

I can't remember what they were dancing to, but they were oh so cute!!! Look at that teeny little girl!
Black leotard, pink tights, and a little pink tutu--quite possibly the sweetest little outfit, except maybe a smocked dress. :)

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Mari said...

Loving your new home?
Darling, darling photos of Miss Hazel!
Happy day~
Mari Roberts