18 October 2011

princess party!

Last month, Hazel's little friend Gabbi turned 3! And she wanted a "Rapunzel" party...her mom pulled off an awesome purple/green party!!She had two little tables set up for the girls in the entry...
This cute little stand with jars for the drinks...

matching wreaths of the front door...
An adorable green cake, with graduated purple layers in the inside!
Aren't they sweet!? Too bad they wouldn't look at me :)

Seriously...these sweet little girls in all that tulle and monogramed tees!?! I want to be 3 again!!
Look in the background...Melanie painted all these signs and had them on the wall along with some recent pictures. sooooo CUTE!!
There was also a frame for a "photo booth" shoot. I don't have any of those, but they were cute. There was a big purple frame that they held.
Did I mention that there were party hats for everyone, even the babies...And a little after-party party in the bedroom. Lipstick and markers were the activities of choice.Like I said...hats for everyone, even the babies.
He's a good sport!
We had a great time! Happy Birthday Gabbi Girl!
<3 Hazel

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