04 October 2011

where have i been?!

Well, we did it...we moved home! Orum finished law school and back to Monroe we went. We loaded this truck slam full {and my car and Orum's truck--why do we have all this stuff?!} and moved into our new house! Which is my current NEVER-ENDING project! But don't think that it all happened without a little excitement...
Orum "enjoyed" his last week in NOLA staying at a hotel with his friend taking the bar exam. I tried to squeeze in all the "lasts" with all four kids--so much fun. Our last included a visit to the insectarium, pictures with all 4 kids, a doctor's visit with shots, and a trip to the ER for this little boy on my birthday....

Yep, that's his arm. Full of stitches. He put his arm through a window two nights before me moved, and we spent a whole lot of hours in the ER. Luckily, I had really nice neighbors that I have said hello to before and they kept the girls; otherwise, it would have been a real party in the ER. Almost every single person I knew in NOLA was out of town that day!

For a family that had never been to the ER, we are making up for it! 3 times in about 3 months is enough for a loooooong time. Hazel is the only one that has yet to go.

And now these cute kids go to the SAME school!! {hooray!!} AND we get to walk there every morning! {so much fun!!}
And this one gets to go to preschool with "Her Cutler" {more to come on those two cute kids!}
Such a big girl!!
Come back to tomorrow...there will be more :)

{That's right Katie...the stalking can resume!}

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katie said...

yay! I can't believe how big Hazel is especially. She can't be old enough for preschool already?! (and I don't know if you meant me stalking you, but you know I totally do. :) )