31 January 2011

she changed her mind...

She now LOVES to have her picture taken! But only when I am trying to take a picture of a banner or hat. When she hears the camera click, she runs in front of the lens and starts saying "eeese eeese" But don't ask her to be still or sit by someone else, because she won't...

30 January 2011

sweet boy...

He claims that he does not like girls. i know it's NOT true. he's just too sweet to them...

In Disney World he designated himself as Aloysia's keeper. She's his little cousin. She's 6 months younger than Hazel. He followed her around the entire week and did anything she wanted. She wanted bubbles on her hand...she got them!

And check him out at Penny's birthday party...
Penny is Hazel's little friend from church. She's a month younger than Hazel.

Maybe he only likes little girls 2 and under?

29 January 2011

our little artist!

This past week was "Catholic Schools Week" in the city. I don't know what that really entails, but each school had art displayed in the mall. Sacred Heart chose art from the PreK-4th grade.

Renée was one of the two first graders chosen. She was ecstatic, so we, of course, had to go and see it! And what did she paint? A castle and a princess! Did I really have to ask!?!

25 January 2011

Of course, they are ALWAYS this sweet!!

On Saturday we went to a "dancy dance party." When we came home, I was tired. I fell asleep on the couch reading emails. When I woke up, this is what I found!

{elijah heard the camera and immediately started making faces}

24 January 2011

making the rounds...

{Back to Disney World}

Renée feels the need to visit the visit every character. every year. The other two DO NOT share her enthusiasm. At least we just see most everyone at lunch; although, I did have to stand in line for over an hour to see Rapunzel! Hopefully, she will be joining the lunch crew soon!
Peter asked to take a picture with the baby. I think besides the ones with Minnie, it may be the only picture with a character that she's not screaming :)
On one of the first days we went to Universal Studios. We've never been before, but the rest of the family wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While we were there, Renée found stones and rocks that she decided she MUST have! After she bought them, she told me that she couldn't wait to show Ariel her treasures! {that made me think the rocks were SO worth it :) } And she remembered...she took them to lunch and gave one to Ariel! Ariel said it was beautiful, and Renée felt so proud.

Almost everyone tried to coax Elijah for a picture. No luck. Sorry Prince Naveen--it's not personal.
And there she is...Rapunzel! The princess that we {i} waited for the longest!! Quite ridiculous, but she loved it! And it was all about soaking up the magic this year. Not to mention, they all 3 had strep and we had just spent a couple of days sitting in the house!! ummm....not my idea of a vacation!

Another princess lunch...this time Cinderella was the lucky recipient of a stone. I think it was blue--to match her dress.

I know there were LOTS more that we saw, but, of course, the princesses are her favorite. Somehow, we actually were able to skip the fairy room and the never-ending line!! :)
Maybe next year...

23 January 2011

she LOVES ribbon!!

I can't imagine why!? If only she believed in keeping in ON the roll :)

19 January 2011

new item!

Right now I'm working on the cutest sweet shoppe first birthday party ever!!
Here's a little peek...
{They are now available in the shop!}

And check out this 30 day giveaway. It started today, and there will be lots of amazing goodies! I have a banner coming up in a couple of weeks :)

16 January 2011

chef mickey's

or as elijah calls it--"mickey's chef" was probably the highlight of his trip! He began asking about it, the second we drove into the park! I have to agree...not only does it have some of the best food, but we don't have to stand in line to see any of these characters! Double bounus!!

He wasn't into taking pictures {again} likely because he was sitting at the table with his cousins, and they weren't either. I did manage to call him over to get a picture with Donald. He has really liked Donald for the past couple of years.
This little girl was NOT too fond of the characters coming to her table. No surprise, but then she saw Minnie!
Minnie was the only character she consistently liked the entire week! I think she liked Ariel once... for a few minutes. When she saw Minnie not only did she get really excited, but she had to get out of her chair and give her a kiss!!!
And, of course, this little girl will never pass up a chance to take a picture with a character!
Although, I did get a little sad on this trip. She is just to smart for her own good--she has begun to see through the Disney magic :( She told me that the sea creatures in the Ariel show were puppets because she could see the people, and she asked lots of questions! "Why are there were little holes in Donald's mouth?" "Why don't Goofy's eyes blink?"
Is it the magic really over!? Sadness...

13 January 2011

Hazel on Christmas Morning...

I realize that my posts of late have not been sequential...sorry. This was hazel's first year to be aware of Christmas and presents--unfortunately each time we opened presents she would have rather been sleeping. On Christmas Eve we let her nap, and then she opened presents after the choas had cleared. The same could not be said for Christmas morning. We had a plane to catch at noon..sleeping until 10 was not an option. Let's just say she was less than pleased to have been woken up at 7:30--even for presents.She casually walked over to the things that Santa had left and swiped a doll {renee's doll}. The other two kids immediately started handing her present to unwrap. She insisted that Sarah Katherine {orum's youngest sister} was the ONLY person allowed to help her. She tore through a couple...

And then she unwrapped the box from Renée--it had a notebook, lots of stickers {for the plane ride}, a scratch-art project and PLAY-DOH! Once she saw the play-doh, she had to open it, squeeze it, and mix it! She left her other two presents unopened! I never though anyone could LOVE play-doh so much!
We have lots, but I suppose she has never played with it! These little cans of it was invaluable the following week!! Anytime she was fussy at Disney World, I just pulled it out! She played with it while we waited in lines, for food, and every time she got in the car! In fact, I am not sure who loved it more--me or her!!!

11 January 2011

little china boy!

We decided that this little boy would be a plate spinning prodigy if he where Chinese! While at China in Epcot he found all the little toys and went right to work. After a little help from the cast member, he was spinning like a pro. He also gave the juggling sticks a try, but eventually he started just throwing those at people :) He definitely should just stick to the plates!

09 January 2011

gingerbread houses!

I was amazed myself, but I was determined to make them! I found kits on clearance last year...99 cents each! Renée had her friend, Madeline, over after school one day which made it even better! The kids LOVED it, and it gave us a deadline to finish :)
I hot glued them all together (so they couldn't eat them :) and then they went to town with the icing and candy!
But, the most serious decorator of all was this little boy!
Quite impressive...

this should be the last...

time that I complain about getting a picture of the three of them together. at least for a while. maybe easter. I did manage to get all three sitting together--sometimes looking, sometimes smiling.

When only moments before this was the scene.
Poor sweet little Hazel, when she's not happy she takes it out on herself--usually hitting herself on the head. The other kids are not longer phased by it. These pictures illustrate their usual reactions--Elijah plugs his ears and Renée acts as if nothing is wrong!

In Hazel's defense, this was the same day as her birthday party--which meant lots of sugar and a VERY short nap! At least she's still cute :)

08 January 2011

i'm back :)

We are home, and well {i hope} again!

I had hoped to catch up on my month's absence while we were in D-world, but the internet at the house disappeared within the first day of our stay. So weird. So not cool. I want to finish up a scrapbook of our trip by the end of next week, since last year's is still unfinished:) I think that this may be my favorite picture of the trip!
It pretty much sums up most of our character sightings...Renée LOVES them and must see EVERY SINGLE one, while Hazel screams at the mention of them--except Ariel and Minnie.