24 January 2011

making the rounds...

{Back to Disney World}

Renée feels the need to visit the visit every character. every year. The other two DO NOT share her enthusiasm. At least we just see most everyone at lunch; although, I did have to stand in line for over an hour to see Rapunzel! Hopefully, she will be joining the lunch crew soon!
Peter asked to take a picture with the baby. I think besides the ones with Minnie, it may be the only picture with a character that she's not screaming :)
On one of the first days we went to Universal Studios. We've never been before, but the rest of the family wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While we were there, Renée found stones and rocks that she decided she MUST have! After she bought them, she told me that she couldn't wait to show Ariel her treasures! {that made me think the rocks were SO worth it :) } And she remembered...she took them to lunch and gave one to Ariel! Ariel said it was beautiful, and Renée felt so proud.

Almost everyone tried to coax Elijah for a picture. No luck. Sorry Prince Naveen--it's not personal.
And there she is...Rapunzel! The princess that we {i} waited for the longest!! Quite ridiculous, but she loved it! And it was all about soaking up the magic this year. Not to mention, they all 3 had strep and we had just spent a couple of days sitting in the house!! ummm....not my idea of a vacation!

Another princess lunch...this time Cinderella was the lucky recipient of a stone. I think it was blue--to match her dress.

I know there were LOTS more that we saw, but, of course, the princesses are her favorite. Somehow, we actually were able to skip the fairy room and the never-ending line!! :)
Maybe next year...


melanie, aka Mo said...

I have to know. Do we need reservations in Norway? We are not the prepared Disney travelers. I know this must shock you! There's always next year. After all, they are only 2 and 3. But Ellie's talked "Princess" since we got here. What about meeting the wicked stepsisters? Need reservations for that? Thanks for all your input.

Sarah Katherine said...

You got to see Rapunzel? Ok. Now I'm jealous.