26 June 2011



Noun 1.Complete absence of sound
2. a rarity in this house during daylight hours

but then they discovered this stuff...Bubber? i think.
I hate it. It doesn't ever dry out. It crumbles in little pieces and gets tracked through the house. Orum bought it with his dad. He thought it felt cool. It does. I still hate it; although, I guess it's not such a bad trade for a little silence...and happiness for the little ones :)

25 June 2011

roughing it...

{that title is sarcasm}

It's such a rough life for this little girl...a pedicure. In a kid's spa chair. Watching a dvd.
She should have been at summer camp--swimming, but look closely. Yep. That's a big purple splint. I am convinced that only my child could BREAK her finger in SUNDAY SCHOOL!! Seriously.

I can no longer say that I have NEVER had to take a child to the ER. Well, I guess William kind of went the day he was born, for like 10 minutes. Does that even count? I suppose so, since I got a bill for it. Even still--7 years and only 2 visits within 2 months of each other. Not so bad.

24 June 2011

what's this?

hands!! and what sweet little hands they are :)

03 June 2011

let the matching begin!

The excitement of having a baby brother has not died! His day seems to revolve around "Baby William!" If he hears the tiniest little sound from him, he his the first to check it out. Almost every morning after William gets up and eats, Elijah asks to hold him. He set the boppy in his lap and nestles William in the middle, then puts him back to sleep. Everytime. I think he could be a true baby whisperer.

And now...they can even match! Oh, happy day!!!

02 June 2011

the lazy days of summer...

No longer are the days of running kids to and from school every few hours! :)

Now we just sit around in the a/c doing this for many hours a day...with an occasional baseball game or trip to the post office. At almost 100 degrees {a heat index of 106} it's just too hot to do anything else!

And so far he hasn't complained about all the attention!