16 January 2011

chef mickey's

or as elijah calls it--"mickey's chef" was probably the highlight of his trip! He began asking about it, the second we drove into the park! I have to agree...not only does it have some of the best food, but we don't have to stand in line to see any of these characters! Double bounus!!

He wasn't into taking pictures {again} likely because he was sitting at the table with his cousins, and they weren't either. I did manage to call him over to get a picture with Donald. He has really liked Donald for the past couple of years.
This little girl was NOT too fond of the characters coming to her table. No surprise, but then she saw Minnie!
Minnie was the only character she consistently liked the entire week! I think she liked Ariel once... for a few minutes. When she saw Minnie not only did she get really excited, but she had to get out of her chair and give her a kiss!!!
And, of course, this little girl will never pass up a chance to take a picture with a character!
Although, I did get a little sad on this trip. She is just to smart for her own good--she has begun to see through the Disney magic :( She told me that the sea creatures in the Ariel show were puppets because she could see the people, and she asked lots of questions! "Why are there were little holes in Donald's mouth?" "Why don't Goofy's eyes blink?"
Is it the magic really over!? Sadness...

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melanie, aka Mo said...

We're heading there Saturday. What should we NOT miss? We have a scheduled Bippidy Boppity Boutique appt. But nothing else really. Ellie is loving princesses now, so what is a must see/ do?!