29 January 2010

she loves me!

And she tells me all day! Wanna hear?

Mommy= "ma ma"
Banana= "ma ma"
Cheese= "ma ma"
More="ma ma" {while clapping hands}
All done= "ma ma" {with an occasional wave, sometimes clapping}
Bye Bye="ma ma"
Daddy= "ma ma"
Renée= "ma ma"
Elija= "ma ma"

Sounds confusing, but all are said with varying inflections {sometimes}. As of now, the only thing that gets a reaction other than "ma ma" is when we ask her, "Where's your tongue?" To which she opens her giant mouth and touches her tongue to her chin! Regardless, I think it's plain to see who's her favorite! :)

1 comment:

melanie, aka Mo said...

Wellll, you know how it is! I, too, am a favorite in our household! And I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and just for a new sign... pointer finger up and the other hand "peeling" it ( or touching it would do) is "banana".