06 March 2008

baby sleeping on couch = pharyngitis

he's at it again, but instead of elijah just being a cute baby sleeping on the couch...he's a sick little baby! apparently it's pharyngitis--which seems a little sissy, but his blistered throat, mouth, and lips has gotten him A LOT of sympathy! for the past day and a half he's been getting more than his normal share of "hold me's," cookies, and noggin. a shot, 4 more days of antibiotics, and staying at home should be the cure--which means i'll be shut in too. i've actally managed to get a lot of laundry washed today. only 3 more loads to go! (yes, there was a lot of dirty laundry.)


JAM said...

Hey Bree! Good to see you have a blog. Love it! It has been forever, I know. Welcome to the blogging world. And yes you are officially cool now. Tell Orum I say hello and I am excited to keep up on you and your cute little family through the blogging world.

JAM said...

sorry, I mean bre