02 August 2010

my birthday!

right before all the party feature excitement...i had a birthday. and to celebrate we went here....
to eat some of these--among other things. mmmmmm....but guess who loved them most!
not him...he only eats about 4 things. chargrilled oysters is not one of them.
not her either. she'd rather read street signs and eat shrimp.
it was her!! our true new orleans baby!! she didn't think we could give her bites fast enough. this is what she looked like most of the time...while making loud noises, so that we would be sure to give her more!i am really starting to think that where you are born has something to do with the foods you love. we've always eaten the same, but our two utah-born children will hardly entertain the idea. i do hope that will change soon--renée has been a little adventurous this summer, but i think because she's a little envious that hazel eats all of our food! for elijah...that's another story!


melanie, aka Mo said...

Sorry I didn't know about your birthday. WHen was it? I have an AUgust birthday too! And Hazel's dress is so cute! Staci hauled all of our Munchkin Market stuff to the place today. Thanks for all you did to help us get it ready to sell. Hope to be moving in a couple of weeks! Woooo hoooo.

Mark and Kim said...

Maybe that's why I don't like any seafood...there's none in West Texas!! But I sure love beef! Glad you had a tasty birthday!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! We need to start eating seafood so that our kids like it. But Austin doesn't like it so I just don't know if it will happen. Love that Hazel eats it.