01 August 2010

paper flowers tutorial

these are super easy if you have all the right stuff...
-flower stencil from hobby lobby {it was in a really obscure place near the stamps}
-paper piercer
-floral wire
-mini pom poms {optional}
trace and cut the petals--this is definitely the most time consuming step.
the stencil suggests a number to cut, but i usually added an extra one to make them a little fuller.
fold and stackmake 2 holes with paper piercer--there are obviously many options when it comes to this step. i chose to make the two holes and leave the wire long so that i could stick them in a styrofoam ball. you could also use a brad.

inserts wire and twist ends together
wha-laa...a flower!
For the big arrangements, I left a lot with the wire exposed and covered others with the pom poms.
I had big jars of these at my sister's shower...see it all here!


Ann Flowers said...

WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

marissa said...

that is so cute, I've never seen those stencils before now I"m totally going to have to look for one or maybe I can find the same shapes for my cricut hmmm

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

So fun! I love this. Thanks for sharing!

singapore florist said...

Paper flowers shown by you are excellent. They look like real flowers.