03 July 2009

yay for nieces!

Aloysia Lynn Rennick
29 June 2009 at 10:24
7 lbs 9 oz
20 inches

It's official...I a have a niece, and now I feel like a REAL aunt! I actually have 3 {as of today} nephews, but NEVER see them. I have probably seen my nephews less than I have seen my new 4 day old niece! I LOVE new babies, and am SOOOO happy that I got to come to Kentucky to meet her so soon!

Hazel and Aloysia--yes the same as Hazel's middle name...it was their grandmother's middle name--are only 6 months apart, and I can't wait to see these 2 grow up! The plan is to all live in Louisiana in a few years. It's gonna be so fun! I've been here since Tuesday, and I'm sad that Sunday is almost here.

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