30 June 2009


Orum turned 30 on Saturday, and I actually pulled off a surprise party! It was supposed to be "top secret" but I allowed a certain 5 year old to overhear me inviting people! I stressed to her the importance of keeping the secret--she had to keep it for 5 days!

Within the first 10 seconds of seeing Renee, after she heard of the party Orum told Renee that he could tell she was keeping a secret! Luckily, she didn't tell, and I somehow convinced him that it was about his present.

The plan was for him to go sailing in the morning {sailing lessons were his present} and then come home to a party. Well, the lesson got cut short so there was a lot of deception involved to pull it off, but it worked-thanks to Lora who helped me work frantically on the banner, kept my kids, and washed my dishes! He was definitely surprised! Now I just need to stay away from the cupcakes! Amanda really should have taken them home with her...I didn't realize that homemade cupcakes were SOO good!


Jessi said...

You go girl! I'm not so sure that my munchkin could keep a surprise party a surprise!

Rachel said...

Another amazing party by Breanna. Do you want to come up here on Friday to plan Craig's 30th b-day? ha ha.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey dork. "surprise" Check that spelling! ANd for the record. It is "happy birthday" just in case! Just pickin' (your nose!) Melanie