29 June 2009

snaggle tooth....

After months of claiming to have a wiggly tooth...last night she had a tooth that was literally about to fall out! Orum offered to pull it and she was SOOO excited to let him do it. Several little girls lost teeth at school last year, I think she secretly wanted to loose one at school because you get a sticker. Sorry, Renee you lost yours at home.

So they wiggled, pulled, swished, and admired the tooth. I didn't get too many pictures because Orum felt the need to have it all videoed. We now have a documentary on pulling teeth! I'm just glad that he was here to do it, because the sound of the roots popping and breaking GROSSES me out! I think I put on a good act though because Renee never picked up on it.

I heard the tooth fairy was paying lots of money these days, but she brought Renee a half dollar, a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and a penny. She could care less about bills, so I guess maybe the tooth fairy knew that. She has been carrying her coins and little tooth pillow around all morning!

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