08 June 2009


Renée's favorite part was the butterfly exhibit. There were caterpillars and pupas that you could touch and a wall of cocoons. We watched a few hatch and others try to fly. she was thrilled when we went into the butterfly garden! Orum managed to get one in his hand right away...then we saw the sign that said do not hold or touch the butterflies. {opps!}
They were everywhere. This one decided to take a rest right in the middle of the path. In fact, I almost ran over it with the stroller, but someone was looking out for it!
She decided that since she couldn't catch one, that she would hold a dead one. She held it the entire time we were in the garden!
I have to say that these butterflies eat very well! There were several of these trays filled with fruit.
They certainly were not intimidated either! The kids try to chase them at the park, but have NEVER seen any this close. These butterflies just did their thing whether you were there or not...and oh, these kids were right there!
Of course, Orum asked the worker a million questions, but he did find out some interesting information. The butterflies only live about 2 weeks, and they order 500 butterflies every week! These blue ones were Renée's favorites!
but, of course, the pink ones were her favorites too! yea for the insectarium!! these two have been asking to go for months, and the day finally came. I'm just glad it was everything and more than they had expected! I for one did not have high exceptations, but I have to say that it was actually really fun!

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