23 June 2009

room to roll!

We set Hazel's crib up this morning and she LOVES it! She is currently taking her second nap in it. Since she practically rolled the entire Moses basket over last night, I guess it's about time! it was on the floor, so noone was hurt but it was quite funny.Now, I just have to switch the other kids' beds around. They are trading because Elijah's room is larger. He is excited because he's getting a "pirate" room--I'm not sure how piratey it will actually be, but I will try. Renee has requested a "baby mermaid princess" room. I am currently trying to convince her that she loves her pink and white floral stuff...we did just buy Hazel's stuff to match!and in other news...i just opened an etsy shop!!! bayoumoon.etsy.com


Mark and Kim said...

That is so cute! I love it! And I'll definitely be buying stuff from your shop...you need more boy stuff!

Salem said...

Hey Bre! I just found your blog from Facebook...I LOVE it!!! Your etsy shop is too cute...I hope it's okay I add you to my blog! morinfam.blogspot.com. Take care!!! By the way, this is Salem (Rushton's sister). :)

Rachel said...

Very cute stuff in your etsy shop...I've been tempted to open one myself. You'll have to let me know how it goes for you.