26 June 2009

like twins...

yesterday was fun. it was like i had twins! looks can be deceiving...they are actually only 11 days apart! when hazel woke up from her nap, she was greeted by Parker. he started showing off by doing some push-ups. {seriously, it's SOO cute! he does them all the time!}i suppose he thought the push-ups would win her over, and went in for a kiss. she denied him...and he decided to just pose for the camera instead.
next up...FOOD! these 2 LOOOOVE to eat, and why not start with feet?! seriously, these 2 are going to be fun to watch for the next year! {parker's daddy will be a real doctor next year and will move away to idaho. sad for hazel.}


melanie, aka Mo said...

Awwww... love Hazels' shirt! Awwwww.

I still havent' shipped out the box. i will tomorrow! Melaneie

The McDonalds said...