22 June 2009

somebody had a 1/2 birthday!

i know i say this every month, but i can't believe she's SOOO old and why does the first year fly by while the "terrible 2s and 3s" seem to last forever!? well, she did a lot of sleeping today--she has her first little cold!but to celebrate, we bought this....the bed skirt was Renée's and I bought the matching duvet cover to Renée's current bedding long ago when it was on clearance, but she still needed a bumper. She loves to sleep right against the side of the bed, so it was a necessity! I got a stripe/polka dot one at target last weekend, but it didn't quite match. Isaw this one on clearance at pbkids online this morning, called the local store and they had it...talk about instant gratification! Perhaps tomorrow, we will actually set the crib up for her!

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